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#1 Customer intelligence platform for B2B enterprise

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Find New Business

Tap into your relationship network to find more qualified leads for sales and marketing

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Win Opportunities

Accelerate deal velocity and buyer engagement to win more deals

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Grow Customer Revenue

Improve visibility into your customer experience and relationships to grow accounts

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Trustworthy Customer Data

Build a foundation of accurate, trustworthy prospect and customer data

Full customer life-cycle intelligence

The Introhive Customer Intelligence Platform gives you a 360-degree view into B2B relationships, making it easier to find new leads and identify selling opportunities, while strengthening customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

FIND new business

Map existing relationships to engage prospects faster

WIN opportunities

Increase deal sizes, win rates, and funnel velocity

GROW accounts

Keep a pulse on customer accounts to ensure retention and growth

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Speed up insights for go-to-market teams

revenue acceleration solutions for executives and management

Executives & Management

Enable your management team with the data and insights they need to lead, coach, maximize employee productivity, and drive predictable revenue

revenue acceleration solutions for marketing teams


Maximize campaign performance with a finely tuned marketing database of 5-10X more contacts that are fully enriched and maintained in real-time

revenue acceleration solutions for sales teams

Sales & Revenue Ops

Automate manual data entry in CRM for busy sales people, while surfacing relationships and connecting the dots for warm introductions

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Customer Success

Increase life-time value of your most profitable relationships with a 360 degree view of customer engagements, activities, and relationship scoring

Trusted by 200,000+ customers in over 100 countries worldwide

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Ease of use

Forcing users to adopt and log into yet another platform is a non-starter. Introhive delivers insights directly to revenue teams when and where they need them, and without any extra effort. Our customer intelligence tools integrate directly into your existing workflow, providing immediate value.

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Faster implementation

Forget about long, complicated implementations and costly professional services that drag on for months or years. Introhive enables teams to get up and running in a matter of weeks. When you invest in Introhive’s customer intelligence platform, you can rest assured that your investment will be met with an immediate return.

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Best-in-class data

Sales and marketing tools break down when they’re not built on a foundation of high-quality data. Introhive prides itself on maintaining data accuracy levels of 90%+ with our state-of-the-art, AI-powered enrichment services.

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Enterprise experience

Introhive services large, complex global deployments in excess of 100,000 users across 90+ countries. We guarantee the highest standards when it comes to privacy and security.

Introhive | Christy review | Solutions

Introhive provides insights and updates into client relationships that would otherwise take countless research hours to obtain. They are easy to work with and easy to integrate with other platforms to better leverage the information.We use the platform to confirm client information, identify updated jobs for existing clients, and provide our attorneys with a tool to better identify and collaborate on cross-marketing opportunities.

Introhive | 5 1 | Solutions
Christy W
Chief Operating Officer

Introhive | Screen Shot 2022 04 28 at 11.54.17 AM | Solutions

I love the fact that Introhive allows me to find contacts and relationships within my firm for any company I need to research. It is so difficult to keep contacts up to date in Salesforce and this allows us to mine the data directly from Outlook and put critical connections together effortlessly. Our use of Salesforce is to track business contacts and sales opportunities. Given that our sales team is really also our service delivery team, it’s very difficult to compel our team to continuously add and update contact information.

Introhive | 8 1 | Solutions
Pete K
Business Consulting Leader

Introhive | Eilidh review | Solutions

Introhive is a great solution for the whole team. It helps us to discover relationships across our team as well as automating almost the whole process. We have found new business from existing intercompany relationships and it has helped us maintain and nurture those relationships. The time that I have to allocate daily to admin has gone down significantly since we implemented Introhive.

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Eilidh M
Head of Partner Alliances

FIND Map existing relationships across your business to engage prospects faster

  • Track buyer champions as they make the news, move from job to job, or get promoted
  • See relationship insights, who knows who, across your business network to easily multi-thread relationships
  • Receive proactive alerts when CRM data is decaying or is no longer relevant
  • Increase the quality of your CRM data, making it more complete, accurate and reliable for sales and marketing
  • Seamlessly integrate CRM data as part of a merger or acquisition to ensure M&A success
Introhive | Asset | Solutions

WIN Increase win rates with existing opportunities

  • Always be prepared for prospect or customer calls with pre-meeting intelligence briefs delivered via email
  • Track buyer champions as they make the news, move from job to job, or get promoted
  • See relationship insights, who knows who, across your business network to easily multi-thread relationships
  • Receive proactive alerts when CRM data is decaying or is no longer relevant
  • Increase the quality of your CRM data, making it more complete, accurate and reliable for sales and marketing
  • Seamlessly integrate CRM data as part of a merger or acquisition to ensure M&A success
Introhive | Asset | Solutions

GROW Maximize customer retention, renewal, and expansion

  • Increasing customer retention by 5% can translate into 25-95% more revenue, and because acquiring new customers can be 4x more expensive, your retention strategy cannot be an afterthought
  • Your loyal customers are your greatest asset and differentiator – building the single, most influential marketing channel – word-of-mouth
  • Introhive helps you leverage the intelligence required to mitigate churn risk and maximize value by deeply knowing them and their needs, smoothening unexpected transitions, bridging gaps, and nurturing your most valuable relationships
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Award-winning software Introhive is an award-winning software company that helps B2B businesses unlock growth at every stage of their customer journey; increasing lead generation, opportunity management, and customer retention.

Black and green Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award, Canada 2021 winner. Black and green Deloitte Technology Fast 500 award, North America 2021. Grey and red G2 award, users love us. Introhive | SalesAnalytics HighPerformer Mid Market HighPerformer | Solutions Introhive | DataQuality Leader Mid Market Leader | Solutions Introhive | SalesAnalytics EasiestToDoBusinessWith Mid Market EaseOfDoingBusinessWith | Solutions Introhive | DataQuality EasiestToUse Mid Market EaseOfUse | Solutions Introhive | DataQuality EasiestSetup Mid Market EaseOfSetup | Solutions Introhive | AISalesAssistant BestMeetsRequirements Mid Market MeetsRequirements | Solutions Introhive | SalesIntelligence HighPerformer HighPerformer | Solutions Introhive | DataQuality EasiestToUse EaseOfUse | Solutions Introhive | DataQuality Leader Leader | Solutions Introhive | DataQuality Leader Enterprise Leader | Solutions

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No, Introhive is not a CRM. Introhive is a value-added solution that works alongside CRM to automate the capture of new activities, leads, contacts, and accounts that live in email but haven’t already been added to CRM. Introhive’s sync technology maps this data and makes it easy to add to CRM, increasing database accuracy, completeness of data, and overall CRM adoption.

Specifically, Introhive has a connector that lives between Email Exchange and CRM that enables automated data capture to add new leads, contacts, and accounts into CRM, while a patented artificial intelligence tool enriches this data at the same time.

CRM admins can mass import all newly discovered leads and contacts for sales and marketing team prospecting, or organizations can enable their employees to sync data via digest reports.

Once the data is mapped into CRM, Introhive has an embedded intelligence panel that appears natively in CRMs – most commonly Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, 365, SugarCRM, and InterAction – that surfaces a relationship map, top connected colleagues, contact and account activity trend lines, and more.

This customer intelligence is used by Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Account Management and Executive teams to find, win, and grow new business.

Introhive charges by license (per mailbox) a one time-fixed cost for implementation which includes installation, training, and ongoing support.

The cost per seat or mailbox varies based on the number of market facing employees in a company. Check out Introhive pricing to view packages and request a quote.

Customers can purchase user licenses for employees that plan to interact with the Introhive platform on a daily basis and/or contributor licenses for employees that have important relationships networks to capture, but do not require access.

Most Introhive customers purchase user licenses for all customer facing people including executives, senior management, sales, marketing, business development, training, enablement, product/service teams, customer success, and account management.

Most customers delegate the day-to-day administration of Introhive to the internal technical resources that manage the company’s customer relationship management system (CRM).

The entire go-to-market team – marketing, sales, customer success, operations and executives – all benefit from having access to Introhive’s customer intelligence platform.

A common use case for marketing teams is to access the Introhive platform to enrich the CRM database with accurate and relevant lead and customer data for running campaigns.

Sales and business development benefit from relationship mapping, multi-threading, and white space analysis to create new business opportunities.

Operations and CRM teams benefit from greater usage and adoption of CRM by the go-to-market teams.

Customer success benefits from the delivery of customer intelligence reports before meetings with customers to ensure they are briefed on the most relevant news or insights.

Lastly, executives benefit from a platform that helps drive predictable pipeline growth from marketing and sales, increasing win rates with opportunities, growing revenue from existing customers, and maintaining higher customer retention rates.

The initial integration and setup typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks. Once deployed, training and user enablement takes another 1-2 weeks. Support from Introhive is ongoing to ensure you have all of the necessary resources for a successful roll-out and continued growth.

The process begins with installation and support from the Introhive Implementation Team. You will be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will work with you as you expand and when need additional support.

Learn more about Introhive’s implementation and onboarding process.

Introhive implementation is resource light. It requires about an hour of time from a resource who is able to provide access to install the Introhive connector, which takes approximately 2-4 weeks.

Following this installation managed by Introhive resources, we recommend identifying at least one or two team leads who can determine initial testers, provide the user list, and determine the features to turn on for the initial roll out.