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microsoft teams and introhive

Introducing Introhive for Microsoft Teams

Introhive Microsoft Teams integration

The average revenue team’s tech stack consists of more than 75 technologies. While this might sound like a good thing (who wouldn’t want a bag of fancy tech at their disposal?), we simply can’t expect professionals to learn and adopt this many systems. And it shows in the data: Only 55% of organizations say they have achieved even moderate levels of technology adoption, and only about a third of a revenue professional’s time is spent on revenue-generating activities. 

To address this need, revenue teams require access to technologies and the insights that stem from them when and where they do their work. They need intelligence embedded into the workspaces they use to communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and the technologies they use to strategize and execute their go-to-market plans.  

Introhive’s Customer Intelligence platform directly addresses this need. As an open platform, in addition to producing our own rich insights, we’ve also begun developing an ecosystem of integrations so we can aggregate more data, to derive more Customer Intelligence, and deliver it in more places. 

In service of this mission, we’re proud to announce our integration and destination for Customer Intelligence: Microsoft Teams. 

The Introhive Microsoft Teams integration will empower sellers with the Introhive Customer Intelligence platform directly within their Teams channels. With the Introhive Teams application, revenue teams will be able to quickly reveal who knows who throughout their organization to build hyper-targeted outreach or get warm intros that accelerate the path to revenue. 

This integration will also empower revenue teams to foster a more collaborative work environment. Many revenue teams use Microsoft Teams channels dedicated to particular opportunities or accounts. Introhive can embed Customer Intelligence into these channels with the context of the account or opportunity, creating a “deal room” that can be used to strategize next steps or identify opportunities within prospective or existing accounts. 

By integrating Introhive with Microsoft Teams, revenue teams will also be better able to prepare for client engagements with rich, curated Briefing Intelligence delivered automatically to Teams channels ahead of meetings.

Whether you’re strategizing your next steps on a big deal, preparing for a client meeting, or seeking a warm intro to a prospective account, the Introhive app for Microsoft Teams delivers the Customer Intelligence you need to make it happen without switching platforms so you can ultimately find, win, and grow business faster. With the availability of Customer Intelligence in Microsoft Teams, we believe revenue teams will in turn be able to deliver more value to their prospects and customers. 

Watch this quick video to learn more about Introhive’s Microsoft Teams integration. Introhive customers can install and access the Introhive app for Microsoft Teams immediately by visiting Microsoft AppSource. 

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