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What makes Introhive a Great Place to Work?

Let me start by admitting the obvious: I’m probably a little biased. 

I’ve worked at Introhive for just under two years now and, in that time, we’ve seen a lot as a team. Introhive is the third tech company I’ve worked for. It’s also, without a doubt, the best tech company I’ve ever worked for, which is why I wasn’t surprised when we were recognized as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces™ in Technology companies by Great Place to Work® Canada. We were also recognized on the Best Workplaces™ for Start-Ups, Women, Today’s Youth, Inclusion, and Mental Wellness.

I joined Introhive literally weeks before Covid-19 brought our world to a grinding halt. Two weeks after I officially began work, we closed our Halifax office and transitioned to remote environments. In spite of big challenges, we persevered and with a lot of intentional, hard work, we grew – not just as a company but as a team of colleagues… sometimes without ever having seen one another in person. 

In fact, I still haven’t met the vast majority of the team I work directly with in person because we’re located all over the world! 

Whenever people ask me what I like most about working at Introhive, I struggle to narrow it down. 

I could tell them about our culture of transparency, the one where our leadership isn’t afraid to strip back the layers and give it to us straight. It enables us to not only learn about the world of business, regardless of our role, but it helps every team member understand exactly how their role impacts the business. 

I have never felt like I couldn’t ask a question to my senior leaders.

Or, I could talk about the people, the ones who show up every day and do what they can to make our company a fun place to work. We have high-performing teams who are accountable to each other and genuinely care about their peers. 

Maybe I could focus on our crazy growth – the kind that’s landing us major recognition, or the fact that we just raised a record-breaking $100M USD Series C round this year (the largest in New Brunswick history). Or the fact that we grew our people-specific awesomeness by more than 100 seats in 2021. 

Could it be our compensation package? 

Maybe it’s the perks of travel (Covid restrictions notwithstanding)?

Since I couldn’t pick just one thing, I decided to crowdsource my team.

Introhive | Untitled design 1 | What makes Introhive a Great Place to Work?

Here’s what they said:

Timothy Keith and Jed Sawh immediately responded with: The people.

Jed continues, “I felt like a member of the team from day one.” 

Andre Melanson says “The people and their drive.”

Chris Clarke and Julieanne Moore echo the same, saying “People respect each other!” (Chris) and “There is so much talent,” (Julieanne)

Elizabeth Gordon Hammersley says, “The people! So collaborative, a true team.”

Julie Taylor says it’s the freedom we have – “freedom to try new things, to state what we think, and to dream”

Caleb Dow says “We do cool work,” (he’s not wrong, folks!)

Maddy Fleagle says it’s the passion and flexibility to try [new things].

Our CEO, Jody Glidden, often cites the best thing about Introhive being our culture of hustle

So, I guess in summary, and what I guess I already knew was this:

Introhive is a great place to work because great people work here. Think you’d be a fit for our team? Check out our careers page or get in touch with me directly

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