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Leveraging the human connection behind AI to achieve your one-firm vision

Putting AI-empowered client relationships at the heart of your One-Firm Vision

Acquiring a new client is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one, according to the Harvard Business Review—from a strategic standpoint, there’s an opportunity to leverage your firm’s existing client relationships, such as exploring cross-selling revenue opportunities and facilitating warm introductions.

How professional services firms manage their relationships with clients is evolving—the noise around AI is getting louder and where it offers a transformative shift is in the relationship insights it can surface. For example, allowing firms to intelligently measure relationship strengths, uncover client trends, and pinpoint opportunities for additional service offerings.

The one-firm vision—a set of concrete management firm practices consciously chosen to maximize trust and loyalty—can only be achieved through firm-wide collaboration, and more importantly, shared insights into client relationships. Insights such as allowing firms to intelligently measure relationship strengths, uncover client trends, and pinpoint opportunities for additional service offerings.

Here’s the thing: these insights are crucial to take a unified approach in client relationship management and revenue generation; the exchange of client information across departments ensures a widespread understanding of nuanced preferences, expectations, and ongoing changes within the client organization.

We’re at a stage where you can obtain a general database of people that are relevant to your ideal client and use AI to run the whole funnel. However, this method will struggle to deliver tangible results without a deep understanding of their organizations.

The development of AI within the customer relationship management (CRM) process has been a game changer, allowing businesses to automate and gain actionable insights that were previously hidden. By automating the gathering and sharing of client relationship intelligence, organizations can position themselves strategically in the market, staying ahead of the curve and consistently delivering value to their clients.

A conceivable risk that Introhive has observed is that we are heading to a point where we are each going to have a similar AI-generated database and list of potential clients. 

This is the challenge with a lot of CRM systems on the market today—they don’t empower firms to take a cohesive, one-firm approach to either client engagement and retention or account expansion. 

And that’s the crux of it, recent innovations have made it easy to generate databases of clients that fit your target market. As a result, there’s now an over-saturated market of tools, but without a focus on increasing an organization’s knowledge of their existing client base or facilitating the sharing of client relationship intelligence across different departments – and you don’t have to look hard to see this in action.

A quick test you can do to see the current impact of technology on the way businesses are interacting with their clients—open your LinkedIn account and look at how many connection requests you have.  

I checked my phone the other day and I had 18 requests—in just one day. I’ve always been selective when it comes to accepting people into my network and taking the time to look at each person and their message. This person seems legitimate. This is a bot. This is real. This is a bot. Another bot. It’s exhausting.  

In truth, it’s not about the 8,000 LinkedIn contacts you accepted without knowing who you were adding, but instead, it’s about the 500 people you have a genuine relationship with. What matters is who you know, how you know them, and how you can leverage that relationship as a company. These are the people you can reach out to, start a meaningful conversation, and hopefully do business with.

This is never a guarantee of winning new accounts, but the ability to have these meaningful discussions with someone you are trying to work with is invaluable from a business development perspective.  

Incorporating AI into your CRM strategy is a strategic decision, providing efficiency, speed, and scalability. However, it’s important to understand that cohesive data practices are what set the stage for the successful integration of AI. Accurate client data serves as the foundation for AI technology, without which departments across the firm won’t have access to the right client insights they need to enhance client relationship management, leverage predictive analytics, and personalize the client experience.

At Introhive, we’re restoring the relationship in customer relationship management systems and leveraging AI to create a Client Intelligence Platform for relationship-driven firms. We transform your client data into actionable intelligence to achieve your one-firm vision, supporting client service teams for a better client experience and bringing together the right people for firm-wide initiatives like strategic account expansions. 

Contact us today to find out how you can achieve your one-firm vision.

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