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Marketing Partner Forum 2022: Key Takeaways

The future of client relations lies in data. 

That is what many leaders in the legal profession walked away with from MPF 2022 in Amelia Island, FL.

Introhive was proud to attend, sponsor and speak at MPF where top client development partners, rainmakers, and senior-most legal marketing and business development leaders across the profession came to meet under the theme of “Fates Reforged: Law Firm Strategic Planning in the New Client Era.”

MPF hit the mark

MPF hit the mark when thinking through your firm’s strategy for 2022 and beyond. The speakers were well-versed and knowledgeable. The subjects covered were timely and topical, and left us all thinking about the future.

The high-level keynote led on day 2 by Brian Solis, Chief Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, really got us thinking about what will be the big disruptor of 2022. Will it be another retail brand? A large tech brand that is ever evolving? Or dare we say another variant of the virus? We learned that it’s crucial to lead with change in a risk-averse culture.

Introhive had the pleasure of speaking about Ushering Relationship Intelligence into the Legal Industry, led by our own Jeffery Parrish. He covered the importance of keeping your firm’s CRM data up to snuff and how it can be used to expand your networks and get a return on relationships. 

Simply put: relationships revealed from your CRM can open up a lot of doors and opportunities.

Key learnings from MPF

  • It is instrumental to explore the role of data at your firm and how it is being over or under utilized
  • The power of harnessing firm data through automation to master industry-leading, data-driven growth through scalable and collaborative means
  • The role of client retention and strategic account management is paramount in succession planning
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Want to learn more?

Want to learn more from Jeffery and the Introhive team? We’d love to share our stance on the future of sales culture, register for our webinar on March 3rd that covers just that.

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