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Boost revenue, improve retention, and grow relationships by (finally) putting your customers first

There’s no such thing as B2C or B2B, it’s all P2P—people to people. And data-driven relationship insights are the key to delivering the best client experience. 

So what defines a great client experience?  It’s a showcase where the client is genuinely seen, heard and understood. It is how much your organisation truly knows about the client, and how you use that intelligence to centralize every interaction around them and their specific needs. 

Most of us believe that we deliver a great client experience, but how do we know that the client thinks that? Do we ask them? Do we have a gut feeling? Or do we simply assume because there haven’t been any complaints?

Creating the client-centric experience

When you create a client-centric experience, you’re building, maintaining, and deepening relationships with your customers. But the true test of whether or not your clients are happy is simply if they remain your client.

Retention rate is more than a badge of honour. Retaining and growing your current customers is the key to hitting your revenue objectives. 

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The customer journey is continuous, and you must think of the customer as both the individual and the company. If the individual that you have a great relationship with leaves, does your company have a good rapport with other individuals? Is the view of your company a positive one internally? These are questions you need to answer in order to keep your retention rate as high as it can be.

Learn the right way to grow revenue, relationships, and retention

Make the most of contract renewals

So how do you actively retain your customers post acquisition? Winning by Design, a SaaS training company, spoke on renewals: “The renewal is an opportunity to reflect and remind your customer of the impact your solution delivered in years prior. It should also be used to dive deeper into their organization and learn how you can support their ongoing and evolving strategic initiatives.” Over time, customers are now expecting more from companies than just the service. They are expecting more than the contract states. 

By routinely having conversations with your customers where you actively listen to them, you will be able to bring more value to them and ultimately turn them into an evangelist of your company. Retention is just as important as acquisition and should be focused on just as equally. 

Use customer experience as a differentiator

So how do you utilise customer experience to advance further than your competitors?

Data is the first point to start. If you have a clean data set you can delve into the relationship intelligence that the data produces. In one place, you can see how regularly the customer is contacted, what type of correspondence, if they want to attend the events you put on, and most importantly it can flag red accounts. 

Relationships cannot be bought, they must be earned and this takes communication. A lot of it. A staggering 91% of companies now use a Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM) and this is the best place to store your company’s data. By having one centralised repository of customer information, you no longer have to worry about sourcing information from different places to piece together your customers journey. Instead all the data you need is simply a click away.

Your CRM holds all the keys to great customer experience

Using a CRM improves your customer’s journey but also simplifies your journey to them. But you need to know how to use your CRM properly, and that means going the extra mile toward Revenue Acceleration.
Learn more about how to use your CRM to enhance your customer experience and much more in our guide to growing revenue, relationships, and retention.

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