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Rehmann success with Introhive and how they achieved their objectives

Introhive provides great value to financial services and advisory firms by helping them find, win, and grow their business. This is how Rehmann found success with Introhive’s Customer Intelligence Cloud™ Rehmann, a financial services firm, has been providing clients with proactive ideas and solutions to help them thrive for the past 80 years as one of the top 40 largest financial services and business advisory firms in the United States. 

Rehmann first came in contact with Introhive at the Association for Accounting Marketing, where Nikki Burgeson, the Principal and Director of Sales and Business Development at Rehmann, came across our booth. “I was a little bit blown away with what Introhive could do and I thought it almost seemed a little bit too good to be true, but I was hooked right then and there” Burgeson says. 

Rehmann’s hope was to increase contacts, access firm wide relationship data, and adapt to Salesforce. From their deployment in May 2021, this is exactly what they were able to do. “The data augmentation and cleansing of the data was huge”, Holly Sheir, Chief Marketing Officer at Rehmann explains, “but we also just got Salesforce and it was a great tool for adoption, getting people into the system.” 

Burgeson further explains what Introhive was solving for Rehmann. “When we think about all the business combinations that firms have over the years and the bringing together of that data and then what’s lacking, you try so hard to bring in clean data and it’s a challenge I think that we all face.” When CRM data can’t keep up, that’s when Introhive steps in with enriched contact and relationship data that can sync to a CRM for better customer intelligence. 

Rehmann has benefited greatly from working with Introhive, reflected in Burgeson and Sheir’s enthusiastic reviews. They highlighted some of their favorite features and outcomes of Introhive in their testimonial. 

While working with Introhive, Rehmann was able to achieve their goal of increasing their contact database because of Introhive’s ability to provide data that gives insight into relationship networks and to build more strong connections. “We took a look at how much data had been updated, how many contacts we were missing in our CRM system and we were very much blown away with the number of contacts that Introhive has added to our database that we simply did not have before” Burgeson says. 

But that’s not the only win Rehmann found. Sheir dives into a fundamental problem that firms globally experience. “ As associates and principles retire, we need to get all of that information out of their brain and into the system, to know where we have relationships that we need to do more work on before those principles retire.” 

Retaining loyal customers is equally important and more cost-effective than acquiring new customers. In fact poor retention strategies cost U.S. companies $1.6 trillion every year.  Having the right tools to reduce customer churn is a key asset to success. As Sheir explains, “having a system like Introhive that compiles all the information necessary, from current or retiring employees, to nurture important customer relationships is a game changer”. 

At Introhive we are committed to helping our clients in any way they need.

“Anytime we have issues, questions, ideas, it’s never a no answer. It’s always that, ‘Oh yeah, we’ve already done that. Let us show you how,’ or, ‘That’s a great idea that we’re going to work on that.’ The open-mindedness and the willingness to grow and work right alongside of us, that’s really been exciting. I was blown away when we first introduced Introhive and had to get through IT security, which isn’t always easy. IT security came back to us and gave such a glowing review of Introhive. I’ve never experienced that before”.

Nikki Burgeson, the Principal and Director of Sales and Business Development at Rehmann

We are just as happy as Rehmann is with the results they have achieved. We are proud to work with Rehmann and grow alongside them as they meet their goals with the help of Customer Intelligence. Watch their full interview here!

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