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Staffing and recruiting tech trends you can’t afford to miss

Recruiting in in the pandemic and post-pandemic world is shaped by the challenges, solutions, and lessons learned during the great global pivot, but the transformation is not complete yet! The staffing and recruiting sector has been making the tech-driven changes necessary to maintain “business as usual,” but moving forward we will see this trend continue to expand as companies find new ways to pull ahead of the competition.

Global recruiting and competition
Diversity, equality and inclusion

Global recruiting and competition

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies had to quickly move their teams remotely. After adopting the right technology to set their teams up for success, many found they could maintain a remote workforce moving forward. With so many employers being open to fully remote teams, hiring pools are more global now than ever before, giving recruiters unprecedented access to more candidates. 

However, a global candidate pool also creates new challenges. For one, competition also becomes global. Industry experts are forecasting an event called the “Great Rehire” during which employment rates will bounce back and there will be a talent “war” amongst recruiters.

To counter this, staffing and recruiting companies need to invest in tools that give them a competitive edge over any other company in the world. AI-powered tools like relationship intelligence can help focus your team’s time on those organizations your company already has relationships with, driving faster contracts.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

The smartest companies know the key to success is hiring a diverse team and celebrating differences and, in today’s virtual workspace, it’s never been easier to reach new candidates. The global talent pool unlocks access to more candidates from underrepresented groups, helping staffing and recruiting companies pursue their diversity, equity and inclusion efforta.

Following the shift in social and cultural trends last year, many companies are re-focusing on DE&I initiatives. It also makes for good business. According to Dan Schawbel, a bestselling author and managing partner at Workplace Intelligence, “70 percent of job seekers said they want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Technology will continue to be a driver of these initiatives, as staffing and recruiting companies look for solutions to help reduce bias in the hiring process and create more equitable development and promotion programs internally. 


Moving through and beyond the pandemic, a competitive global recruiting strategy will continue to embrace the remote workforce as well as a diverse and inclusive talent pool. Technology and AI-powered tools are an essential fixture for both staffing firms and their candidates. Discover more trends in our on-demand webinar: The Future of Tech in Staffing & Recruiting, featuring Joshua Vesely, SVP, Integrated Talent Solutions at Randstad.

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