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Introhive’s partnership with Thomson Reuters gives law firms a 360-degree view of their relationships

Introhive, the fastest-growing AI-powered sales and revenue acceleration platform, is proud to announce its formal partnership with Thomson Reuters. The combined platform offering enables law firms to gain a true 360-degree view of their business relationships.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted “providers of answers,” helping professionals make confident decisions and run better businesses.

The company’s customers operate in complex arenas including law, tax, compliance, government, and media and face increasing complexity as regulation and technology disrupts every industry.

“Enabling faster return on investment and rerouting time and energy into higher-value activities is just one of the ways we’re delivering value to Thomson Reuter’s customers. We’re excited to see how they continue to innovate and drive success,” said Diana Sapienza, Global Head and VP of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at Introhive.

Introhive is the world’s leading revenue acceleration platform, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to support sales and business development teams through automation, improved data quality, and AI-powered insights to grow revenue and protect relationships.

By partnering with Introhive, Thomson Reuters will be able to offer their customers pre-meeting research, newly surfaced relationships, and dozens of hours of saved time through automation. 

​​“We are very excited to partner with Thomson Reuters. Our combined offerings will accelerate our customers’ digital transformation journey and will be a game changer for the legal industry,” said Sapienza.

When paired together, Introhive and Thomson Reuters will grant legal firms of all sizes and complexities the ability to accelerate revenue generation and increase client retention. Introhive allows firms to monitor and measure relationships across their partners and attorneys while automating mundane tasks, all with the sole purpose of helping them operate more efficiently and effectively in what is an increasingly complex business environment.

When firms leverage Introhive, firms of all sizes will:

  • Increase productivity by giving fee-earning attorneys and partners more time back into billable hours as Introhive automates the mundane tasks like updating contact and account data.
  • Be able to leverage relationship intelligence to better understand who knows who within your firm’s network to enable meaningful interactions with clients while improving firm-wide collaboration and billings.
  • Ensure their CRM data stays clean with up-to-date and enriched data which makes sure partners, attorneys, and business development teams are always equipped with the best and most up0to-date information possible.

To see how Introhive can power-up your firm with real-time relationship intelligence, data automation, and clean data, book a demo.

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