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Unique B2B Event Ideas: Engage Prospects & Impress Customers

Thank you for coming back for part two of our blog series. To recap, in our last blog we discussed the future of B2B events as a whole. This is an important topic for me, because the future of B2B events in 2022 and beyond are near and dear to our planning and execution for next year. 

This time we are going to take a deeper dive into the future of events and hopefully we will leave you with some useful ideas. More specifically, we are narrowing in on unique and game changing virtual event ideas.

Virtual Event Ideas

Back in May, we hosted a celebrity-led chocolate and whiskey tasting in the UK; it was phenomenal and our guests raved about it. This is the kind of innovative experience we want to pull off every single time, virtually speaking. 

Introhive | kit 2 | Unique B2B Event Ideas: Engage Prospects & Impress Customers

What made this event so great was its unique and beautiful tasting kit, curated by Mix and Match Limited with the help of Paul A. Young Chocolatier in London and Rampur Whiskey in India. Each person was lucky enough to have chocolate crafted just for each kind of whiskey on the agenda.

Bonus: the chocolate and whiskey tasting event had a 90% attendance rate and moved 4+ opportunities to a different stage! 

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Creative Events

Some other creative events we at Introhive have attended or hosted:

  • Virtual Wine Tasting – this one is one you can rinse and repeat with time and again; and it is sure to fill up with registrants quickly, after all who doesn’t love a box of free wine from Napa Valley and a great networking session
  • Virtual Chocolate and Whiskey Tasting 
  • Virtual Cocktail Classes 
  • Virtual Paint and Sip Class – such a unique event with a small group
  • Virtual Cooking Class at Dinner time 
  • Virtual Fitness Class 
  • Virtual Trivia at a networking event 
  • Virtual Conferences and tradeshows 
  • Hybrid conferences and tradeshows, specifically Dreamforce 2021, Salesforce World Tours, LMA Annual 2021 and G2’s Reach Conference 
  • LinkedIn Live and Facebook Live Sessions
  • And more!

What really stuck out about the above events was their ability to be memorable and also teach you something valuable. The lineup of speakers, flow of the event and transition between each agenda item are always top of mind.

Future Events

Future events we’d like to try (and you should, too):

  • Hosting a round table event and including a scribe to make a piece of art out of what we are talking about
  • Ask Me Anything(s)
  • Hosting Introhive employees and discussing their role and expertise here at Introhive
  • Product Releases and Tips 
  • Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, Twitch and TikTok Live Streaming
  • Virtual Round Tables to discuss current content we have released
  • Live commentary on an event happening in real time
Introhive | live stream image | Unique B2B Event Ideas: Engage Prospects & Impress Customers

Any event is possible with the right amount of imagination, planning, and creativity, but it’s up to the marketers of the world to bring them to light. The future event landscape of 2022 is bright, and as more tools and platforms come out, the better quality these events will be.

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