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You won’t believe the things your CRM can reveal…if you ask it the right questions

Having a CRM is great. But you don’t implement a costly and complicated CRM to simply hold customer data. You do it so that you can learn from that data and expose opportunities, nourish stale relationships, accelerate sales cycles, and the like—things that will grow your revenue, relationships, and retention.

By always having a complete 360° view of your contacts and their companies, your CRM will proactively provide you with everything you need to know to make the most out of every customer touchpoint.

Insights revealed from your CRM can grow your business

So what can you gain from revealing these insights?

  • A whole network of previously unknown contacts that open up incredible opportunities to grow revenue
  • Warm leads that were always there, but nobody knew about them
  • Your recent history with them. Are they happy, dissatisfied, or at risk?
  • And recommendations for things you can do to help guide them back into the fold
  • Accurate dashboards that give you a full view of your business

So how does this happen in reality?

Learn the right way to grow revenue, relationships, and retention

How do these revelations work?

You can easily track your champions so you know exactly where they are, what they’re doing, and when it’s the optimal time for you to reach out and provide them a service they need. 

At the same time, you can see a score for each of your contacts indicating the strength of your relationship alongside every bit of information about them, their company, and their business you need to know in order to provide them the best possible service.

And when you need to go prospecting, your CRM can provide you with relationship scores for everybody you know, so you can see at a glance who among your colleagues and contacts has the best chance of providing you the warmest lead possible. 

Here’s how you can reveal insights

Right now you might be wondering how you go about revealing these insights and this is where Introhive can help.
Introhive can automate your data into your CRM, ensure its cleanliness and reveal those insights by simply plugging into your CRM. Find out more about revealing your insights or how to start your revenue acceleration journey.

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