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Introhive & Calico: Data-Driven Strategies for Legal Services

Enterprise relationship intelligence leader joins roster of legal solutions experts

London, April 23, 2019 Introhive, the leader in relationship intelligence and sales automation technology, recently partnered with legal solutions group Calico, the United Kingdom’s essential resource for law firms, as a member of its stable of legal solutions experts.

Led by well-known legal sector specialists, Directors Pauline Freegard and Katrina Bevan, Calico brings together suppliers, consultants and start-ups to help more than 4,000 U.K. legal firms more easily find solutions and connect with service providers.

“Currently, given the challenges of running a practice and the lack of supplier-side insight across editorial outlets, firms can really struggle to hear about useful technologies, relevant business services and new ideas,” Freegard said.

Marketing Director, Daniel Dowling, describes Introhive as the market-leading relationship intelligence platform for professional services firms. Introhive, he said, helps cross-functional teams, like business development, marketing and client success, to map and identify who knows who at client and prospect accounts.

According to Dowling, these relationship insights enable firms to make more informed decisions when it comes to business development, cross-selling, upselling and client engagement.

Introhive has grown three times over for three years in a row and services more than 140,000 users in more than 80 countries, he said, including Global 100 and AmLaw 200 legal firm clients across the United States, Canada, APAC and the United Kingdom.

“Our partnership with Calico is a great opportunity for us to reach an even broader legal industry audience,” Dowling added. “Introhive partners with leading global law firms to pioneer creative and bold new ways to use marketing and business development technology to solve hard problems, like lagging technology adoption within a firm, poor data quality in CRM, and limited insights into firm-wide relationships.”

“Many firms are looking to push their business development and marketing efforts to the next level,” he continued. “And we’re confident that Introhive, in partnership with Calico’s guidance, can help bridge the gap for firms looking to service clients better, while accelerating growth.”

Calico collaborates with their roster of experts to deliver a shortcut for law firms to a whole host of subject matter experts via knowledge-based articles. Since 2018, the group has penned more than 60 educational articles and video blogs at

“Calico’s resources are designed for those that like to pick up a high-quality printed magazine and are ideal for a coffee break,” Bevan said, noting that the group’s most popular articles are published quarterly in Calico journal, Compass.

With the addition of Introhive, Calico expert member group now numbers 20 proven legal sector suppliers, all committed to sharing best practices that drive innovation.

The Calico founding member organisations include Matrix247, Document Direct, Nasstar, Lawyer Checker, Solve Legal, Lockton, Hazlewoods, NetDocuments, LegalRSS, The Cashroom and Baskerville Drummond Consulting.  

About Introhive

Introhive is the leading relationship intelligence and sales automation platform for enterprise. Customers across an array of roles and industries—from legal to accounting to commercial real estate and beyond—use Introhive’s automated data collection and AI-powered relationship visualizations to grow business connections, while saving time and money. Introhive’s platform integrates with most business technology (including CRM software, e-mail, and business intelligence) to reveal insights and eradicate manual data entry—boosting sales, revenue, technology adoption, productivity and data quality. Learn more at

About Calico

Calico Legal Solutions Group is a unique collaboration of established suppliers to more than 4,000 U.K. law firms. Calico help law-firm and legal services solve common challenges and develop their businesses by publishing expert-written, knowledge-led content that introduces new solutions and specialists. Learn more at

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