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Introhive, Purus Consultants Partner to Deliver Salesforce Success Strategies

Relationship intelligence leader, Salesforce experts team up to help business get more value from CRM

handshake between men introhiveLondon, 10 June, 2019 Introhive, the leader in relationship intelligence and sales automation technology, recently partnered with Purus Consultants, a boutique Salesforce consultancy in the United Kingdom, to help organizations get more value from their customer relationship management (CRM) investments.

While Introhive lends its best-in-class CRM automation and artificial intelligence platform to the partnership, Purus adds Salesforce development, integration, implementation, training and ongoing support expertise.

Introhive’s Partner Director for Europe, Middle East and Asia, Alison Hodivala, describes Introhive’s platform as a business-automation and artificial intelligence tool that gives its thousands of global users an aerial line of sight into all their business-relationship data. Simultaneously, she added, it automates previously manual data entry into multiple CRM systems, including Salesforce. More than 130,000 of Introhive’s users are Salesforce customers.

“Because the software makes it easy to sync contact and activity information right from email, our customers who use Salesforce see their adoption go way up, even though users actually spend far less time logging into the CRM to manage their data,” Hodivala said. “Introhive then uses AI to proactively deliver client intelligence and relationship insights that help businesses strategically focus attention on the right accounts and areas to grow revenue.”

Joint Director Leanne Harkin co-founded Purus with fellow Joint Director Paul Mahood in 2014. Between them, Harkin and Mahood brought more than 15 years of experience with the CRM software giant to the business, and have assisted more than 120 clients on 200 Salesforce success projects so far.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Introhive, and to be able to extend their service as the industry leader in the enterprise relationship management space to our clients,” Harkin said. “When I met the team and saw the demo [of the platform] I instantly saw the value in it. ”

“The work the team at Purus does lines up wonderfully with Introhive’s mission to help organizations realize the full value of their relationships and data,” Hodivala added. “There’s nothing they don’t know about Salesforce, and we look forward to seeing more and more customers thrive under their expertise.”

Introhive and Purus plan to next present their Salesforce success strategies and offerings during a Salesforce enablement event in Birmingham 19 Sept.

About Introhive

Introhive is the leading relationship intelligence and sales automation platform for enterprise. Customers across an array of roles and industries—including commercial real estate, professional services, architecture, engineering and construction, and technology—use Introhive’s platform to grow business connections, while saving time and money. Introhive’s platform reveals both relationship insights and eliminates time-consuming manual data entry—boosting sales productivity, revenue, technology adoption, and data quality for Salesforce customers. Learn more at

About Purus Consultants

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Birmingham, Purus helps businesses get the most out of their Salesforce investments, with development, integration, implementation, training and ongoing support. Learn more at

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