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Mastering the Art of “Moment” Marketing

Here, we’ll share a round-up of the session’s key takeaways and learnings.

As marketers, we know that digital gives us the power to make every moment count. But the key to growing those moments into lifelong relationships is connecting them with the right, trusted data.

Data is the magic ingredient that allows us to get our work to flow, get to know our customers better, while also adding that all-important human touch. Ultimately, data lets us start working smarter, not harder.

Here are a few examples and experiences shared by a team of digital relationship experts during the Dreamforce session that help bring these concepts to life.

Making Work Flow

The panel explained that the first critical step is about “making work flow” so that relationships can grow – not only between us and our customers but also between our own internal marketing teams. 

They explained how, in an all-digital, work-from-anywhere world, technology facilitates intuitive, inclusive, and flexible ways of working. But it’s important that we look for tools that can interface with and connect to multiple productivity and collaboration platforms in real-time. Only with this level of interoperability is it possible for seamless and timely information exchange, updates, alerts, and approvals to happen. 

We should also look for functionality that auto-identifies and eliminates anomalies and roadblocks at different stages in the workflow. 

If we get this right, we can say goodbye to those frustrating bottlenecks that can make getting even the most basic marketing effort out the door a tedious and uphill battle. 

That’s a win any marketer will celebrate!

But it doesn’t stop there. The right tools can also allow marketing and sales to join forces in new ways to take demand generation to the next level. 

One of the ways is by enabling the instantaneous, bi-directional exchange of prospects’ data and activities between these two teams. This is critical to winning more profitable business, as we all know that the sooner prospects are followed up with, the more likely leads are to convert. And that means more pipeline for the business.

Engaging Customers with Trusted Data

Once we’ve got our work flowing, the next step is getting to know our customers with trusted data. But too often, siloed business units and departments are a barrier to getting accurate, granular, up-to-date, and relevant customer insights. And if they’re each using their own platforms and systems, the chances of meaningful data flowing cross-functionally become even slimmer. 

There are also other third parties to consider. We should remember that most businesses today operate in a fluid and heterogeneous ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and service providers who have access to a wealth of customer insights that we should be looking to tap into. This makes it important to bring these other stakeholders – and their data – into the fold to get that all-important 360-degree customer view.

The beauty of the best available technologies is that they give us the ability to know our customers in each human and digital moment.

They can give us a direct line of sight into every relationship and touchpoint our customers have across this complex ecosystem – digital or human – so we can meet them where they are at any given moment.

Adding the Human Touch

Once we’ve “joined the data dots,” the next step is finding ways to add a human touch to our customer engagement and outreach. The right tools can help us create real-time, personalized moments by surfacing rich behavioral and contextual data such as credit-card loyalty status or travel affinity, for example.

The panel spent some time discussing the need for marketers to “match people’s enthusiasm with relevant and timely action.” It’s already possible to drive customer engagement while we’re on the go using mobile apps. But we heard that it’s about to get even more exciting, thanks to emerging AI-infused functionality.

Data-driven Reporting

The final area explored by the panel centered on putting the correct performance data at everyone’s fingertips. 

This speaker summed up our challenge well: “As marketers, we want to build lasting relationships with our customers, but it’s impossible to do that unless we know which messages work for which customers, in which moments, and why.”

When it comes to reporting, we all know that messy spreadsheets and complicated graphs can be difficult to understand and digest. But now, new tools are available to help digital, email, and mobile marketers create customized dashboards and reports that tell meaningful “data-driven stories.” 

“All-click, no code” is another emerging approach that allows us to understand precisely which subscribers are contributing to higher bounce rates in email and mobile outreach. It can go even further by connecting email delivery to Google Analytics outcomes.

Operationalizing the Vision

As a community of marketers, the message to take from this Dreamforce session is that we should be leading the charge to make our customer relationships more holistic and one-to-one through the thoughtful use of technology. 

One of the speakers shared a great tip on how marketers can go about operationalizing this vision and getting the rest of the business on board: “Focus on accelerating existing plans to build strong partnerships with other departments and teams. Instead of asking them to add new programs and initiatives to their existing ones, simply offer to help them expand and transform what they already have in place by making it easier, faster, and better.”

Now, that’s a great mindset to have for bringing the whole organization together around the customer!

This Dreamforce session covered a lot of ground and included some great examples of the technologies and use cases available to us to start creating more meaningful marketing moments. 

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