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Top 4 ways to turn clean customer data into smart business insights you can rely on

Picture this: your customer relationship management (CRM) system is completely up-to-date, accurate, and ready to go. It’s bursting with valuable insights into your past, present and future business activities and prospects. 

You trust what’s in your CRM, and you’re about to unlock a whole spectrum of information that will help you do your job better. And not only that—but you also have tools in place that analyze your CRM’s data, and turn it into actual, actionable tasks that will increase sales. 

Sounds like a dream come true, right? 

Well, we’re here to tell you it’s actually possible. And it’s not even that difficult to achieve.

Top 4 ways to make your data dreams come true

What we’re going to do is outline the top 4 ways you can turn your CRM’s customer data into actionable business insights.

  1. Track your buyer champions
  2. Find out who knows who
  3. Be annoyingly well-prepared for meetings
  4. Get a heads up when customers are happy

But, before we get started… 

Take care of dirty data first

The thing about turning your customer data into these actionable insights is that first, it needs to be clean and dependable. If it’s not—well, we have a solution for that, too.

Your CRM could be everything that it promised, it just needs a little help from a friend. Good news, a Revenue Acceleration tool and your CRM are about to become BFFs for life. This tool can actually fight data decay and restore CRM trust with the click of a button.

How do Revenue Acceleration tools work? 

First, it solves the biggest problem most salespeople have with CRM: keeping up with data entry. The automation capacities of a Revenue Acceleration tool mean no more time wasted on manual data entry for anyone, ever again. 

Data entry automation creates a CRM you can trust with zero time or effort required. The automation capabilities of Revenue Acceleration solutions use AI tech and machine learning to accurately capture and automatically enter real-time customer information into the CRM. 

Second, the tool uses AI technology to cleanse your CRM of all its inaccurate data. It then does this on a continuous basis drawing from various sources, meaning the CRM is automatically up-to-date from now on. Once you’ve automated and cleansed your CRM, it’s ready to be used to its full potential.

Now we’re talking.

Your customer data is now trustworthy (congrats!) and you’re ready for the big reveal. The actionable business insights are ready for your viewing pleasure. 

Let’s get back to those top four we promised you.

Top 4 ways to make your data dreams come true (for real this time)

1. Track your buyer champions

With a CRM full of dirty data, it’s impossible to know when your contacts make a change. Keeping the CRM clean and up-to-date means when people move, your database knows about it. And you can find them. 

So when your precious buyer champion switches roles or companies, no sweat, you’re all over it. Then it’s time to get into action setting up a meeting to prospect their new gig.

2. Find out who knows who

Clean data creates a single source of truth in your CRM, for everyone to draw from, and helps the entire company stay on the same page by identifying who knows who, creating beautiful organizational synergy. This inevitably increases leads and revenue. Which is the dream, right? 

3. Be annoyingly well-prepared for meetings

Using trustworthy data, your CRM can see what meetings you have coming up, and with whom, and can automatically prepare a pre-meeting digest. 

The digest is an email before every meeting that contains detailed information about the customer, including personal details about the individuals you’re meeting as well as general up-to-date information about their company. Plus, you’d know exactly when they last spoke to anyone in your company, who they met with, and what they talked about. (Man, you’re going to look good.)

4. Get a heads up when customers are happy

Using AI technology, a Revenue Acceleration tool can perform an analysis using your CRM data and will alert you when there are warning signs that a customer might be considering other options. Then, it’s time to spring into action to save the relationship.

Learn the right way to grow revenue, relationships, and retention

Why are you talking about “Revenue Acceleration” so much?

That’s a fair question. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “Revenue Acceleration” is the stage in a business when every part of your sales operations team—every department, every colleague, every process—works together in a strategic and synchronized way to achieve maximum results. 

There are 4 steps to achieving Revenue Acceleration, we’ve talked about the first three in this post, but here’s a refresher:

  1. The first step is automate. That’s where the tool automates the mundane, manual data entry that’s stopping everyone from using the CRM in the first place.
  1. The second step, cleanse, uses AI technology to sweep your CRM of all its inaccurate data. It then does this on a continuous basis drawing from various sources, making the CRM automatically up-to-date from now on.
  1. The third step is reveal. It’s during reveal that the platform starts to show how you can turn customer data into legitimate, actionable business insights—like the top four we just touched on.
  1. With a high-functioning CRM, the tool is able to use its data to guide important selling decisions, identify what makes top performers perform well, and set everyone up with the insights needed to operate at their optimum level. 

When it’s all over, you’ve got a well-oiled team armed with everything they need to boost productivity and performance and grow revenue, relationships, and retention.

It’s a lot easier than you think

Finally, you’re on good terms with your CRM—and now it’s time to tap into its true potential. Turn your CRM’s customer data into actionable business insights by partnering with a Revenue Acceleration tool.

Team your CRM up with Introhive to begin your Revenue Acceleration journey. Reach out and let us guide you down the entire path, helping you and your company reach your maximum potential.

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