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How to ensure data integrity and trust your CRM again

So, you’re having trust issues. Specifically, you don’t know how to trust your CRM’s customer data. And we know why. 

Dirty data is ruining the tool you thought would make everyone’s lives easier: your CRM. You know it has potential but you’re not quite sure how to ensure data integrity and make it dependable at all times. 

Who has the time to clean up a CRM database, let alone maintain it going forward? Not you. And definitely not your salespeople, if you want them out there actually selling.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can ensure data integrity and come to trust your customer data with no more effort than flipping a switch. And you’ll look like a total superstar in the process.

  1. Want to know how to ensure data integrity?
  2. Automation is the key to clean, trustworthy data
  3. Capture every contact, every detail, automagically
  4. Work harder, work better, and sell more faster
  5. Use AI technology to ensure data integrity so it stays clean—forever
  6. Even more fantastic perks
  7. Trust your customer data integrity again

Want to know how to ensure data integrity?

If you can’t trust your customer data, it’s like working with one hand tied behind your back (and one eye closed, one ear plugged, one foot in a cast, a bad stomach ache, and your mouth gummed up with a large wad of caramel.)

Data integrity is a game-changer for any salesperson. It gives them a 360-degree customer view at all times. It also helps the entire organization stay on the same page by identifying who knows who. 

Good, clean data also lays the foundation for Revenue Acceleration: the stage in a business when every part of your sales operations team—every department, every colleague, every process—works together in a strategic and synchronized way to achieve maximum results. 

Data integrity helps everyone on the sales team do their jobs better, and helps to build stellar and long-lasting customer relationships. Knowing your customer well, in turn, allows them to place trust in you. And that’s the dream.

Automation is the key to clean, trustworthy data

We have good news. No—great news. There are tools already in existence that can do the job of cleansing your CRM data for you. And guess what… these tools will maintain it, too, into the foreseeable future, without anyone having to do any manual data entry. 


No, you’re not dreaming.

The key to trusting your customer data integrity lies in Revenue Acceleration tools, and they exist to help your CRM do its job perfectly, without anyone having to so much as lift a finger. 

The automation capabilities of these kinds of solutions mean that, through AI tech and machine learning, all of your client data can be accurately captured and automatically entered into the CRM. 

No manual data entry required. Now that’s pretty fantastic.

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Capture every contact, every detail, automagically

By using a Revenue Acceleration platform that automates the collection and cleansing of data, you’re creating a trustworthy, centralized hub for everyone at your organization. 

In the blink of an eye, AI can scour your email, your calendar, LinkedIn, industry news, and dozens of other sources to create a full view of your customers. Through AI technology, mundane data management is automated and reliable—giving actual value to your CRM as data entry automation creates a CRM you can trust.

Work harder, work better, and sell more faster

With nothing but good, clean data entered automatically into the CRM, salespeople are not only liberated from the burden of mundane data entry, but they can also focus on selling. And because they’re working with clean data, they can trust the relationship intelligence they glean from it to be valuable and true. 

It’s not only salespeople who benefit, their leaders can rest easy knowing that their sales team is focused on selling. Plus they can use the clean CRM data to analyze the success of the team’s sales activities, shaping future strategies.

Meanwhile, marketing professionals can be assured that their lists are accurate, their customer profiles are solid, and their leads are good. Customer service associates know that their records of contact are correct, enabling them to provide the highest quality of service. 

Across the board, in every department, clean data produces the results everybody wants and makes possible the growth in revenue, relationships, and retention that come through Revenue Acceleration. 

Use AI technology to ensure data integrity so it stays clean—forever

It’s not enough to just get clean data into your CRM, you need to make sure it stays clean. 

Data decay is a problem that everyone faces. Data that starts off accurate can quickly become inaccurate because the world is not a static place. People change jobs, get promoted, switch companies. Names change. Addresses change. Phone numbers change. Even companies change as they merge or get acquired. 

All these changes create errors in your data unless you take steps to keep up with these changes and maintain data integrity. 

You could do this manually, employing armies of data stewards to scour the internet and make endless calls to check the information. Or you could just wait for bouncebacks. Or you could use one of an array of bandaid solutions that may or may not fix the problem.

Or you could use your Revenue Acceleration platform’s AI tools to do it for you. Automatically. In real-time. With automatic data cleansing, your CRM data will be updated the moment any detail changes, and kept up-to-date forever. 

It really is that easy to fight data decay and restore CRM trust with the flip of a switch.

And that’s how you can trust your customer data—and look fantastic in the process.

Even more fantastic perks

Achieving data integrity is just the first step on the Revenue Acceleration journey. 

Once establishing a foundation of clean, trustworthy, up-to-date CRM data, Revenue Acceleration platforms use AI to go even further, and help make your selling more effective. 

These tools can analyze massive amounts of customer data, from which the machine learning algorithms then discover new revenue opportunities in your CRM by revealing hidden customer insights.

Even better, the system automatically distributes these actionable insights, suggesting ways to implement them that will give you the optimal chance to boost productivity and performance. 

And in the final stage of Revenue Acceleration, you can increase sales and boost your pipeline with CRM guidance based on discovering the behaviors of top performers that bring results, and applying them at scale across the entire revenue team. 

Trust your customer data integrity again

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your sales team always has access to clean and reliable data. No more trust issues. And you can feel good knowing that by implementing Revenue Acceleration tools to help secure your company’s customer data integrity, you played an integral role in the growth you’re guaranteed to see as a result.

Give yourself a pat on the back, superstar.

To learn more, read Grow Revenue, Relationships, and Retention—Your Guide to the Revenue Acceleration Journey

To see how Introhive’s Revenue Acceleration tools can directly help chase away your organization’s data blues, book a demo with Introhive today.

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