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Top 6 data quality issues and how to fix them so you start loving your CRM

Having a CRM can be a bit of a love-hate relationship.

You know—in theory—all the benefits a CRM can bring (although we’d bet you don’t actually know just how much your CRM could do for you). But this expensive addition to your tech stack probably isn’t living up to the hype.

The number one reason for having the CRM blues is bad data.

Everyone experiences the CRM data quality blues

If data quality issues are ruining your relationship with your CRM, you’re not alone. Like most CRM users, you’ve probably considered a range of tools, solutions, or features you thought might help clear these issues up. 

We’re guessing those probably failed. 

That’s because there’s only one real way to clean up dirty data in a CRM permanently: getting rid of any manual data entry. It’s time to admit that as humans, we’re just getting in our own way. 

Here we’ll touch on the top 6 data quality issues that CRM users deal with, and how to actually fix them (for good).

  1. Missing data
  2. Incomplete data
  3. Dirty data due to human error
  4. Data decay
  5. Duplicate entries
  6. Stale entries

1. Missing data

The problem is, you’re busy enough trying to get your regular work done, let alone juggling staying on top of your CRM duties. Like most people, you have only so many hours in a day, and manual data entry eats up too much time—roughly six hours per week! 

So, you just put it off. 

This means important customer data is completely missing from the CRM. And once the CRM is inaccurate, it’s not much help to anyone.

Solution: Automate manual data entry for your CRM. With Revenue Acceleration tools, you can keep CRM data up-to-date with the click of a button. 

Designed with your workflow in mind, these tools help your CRM be at its best without asking anyone to manually enter anything. 

2. Incomplete data

Even if you manage to sit down and work on some data entry in the CRM, there are often missing fields. You may not have jotted down that new phone number, or have forgotten (or can’t find) some other detail that should be in the CRM to truly get a 360-degree client view. 

There may even be important details you don’t even know you should be entering.

And when you’re working with data that’s incomplete, you’re going to make mistakes (and probably look bad). 

Who wants to make a sales call with only half the picture?

Solution: Technology. The artificial intelligence (AI) that drives Revenue Acceleration tools can effortlessly pull a complete set of details about a customer contact from readily accessible sources. 

Something that might take a person hours to accomplish happens instantly with automation tools, adding a bank of information such as employment history, social media activity, contact records, meeting notes, and a wealth of other data. All 100% accurate and up to date.

3. Dirty data due to human error

Let’s face it, if by some miracle of the universe your manual entry means data actually makes it into the system, and it’s actually complete…it’s probably full of mistakes. Simple human error is a huge cause of dirty data. Even typos alone are enough to make client data untrustworthy.

Working with dirty data simply isn’t an option. The valuable insights you need won’t be accurate, which is a waste of everyone’s time. Working with inaccurate data can also impact the strength of your sales activities and the reliability of your dashboards or reporting. 

Sales and marketing campaigns need to be backed by clean, reliable data. And while your people don’t mean to mess up their data entry, they are only human. And human beings make mistakes.

Solution: Use Revenue Acceleration tools to cleanse your dirty data. They keep your database full of clean, reliable information by continuously scanning data sources to find changes and immediately implement updates to your database. 

New data in, outdated data out—no manual data entry required, and no more human error.

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4. Data decay 

This one’s a killer.

Say after everything you have a database that has been topped up with clean, reliable, accurate data. 

It’s like a new car: it depreciates in value by a huge amount the moment you drive it off the lot. It doesn’t take long for your awesome data to develop holes, because the dirty truth about data is that it’s always changing. And it’s changing fast. 

In fact, Salesforce estimates that 91% of CRM data is incomplete and decays at a rate of 70% per year. That means that a mere 12 months after you do all that effort to get perfect data into your CRM it’s mostly garbage.

No wonder your whole team has the CRM data blues.

This data quality issue affects how well you can do your job. You can’t afford to ignore the negative downstream effects that inaccurate data has on your organization.

Solution: Revenue Acceleration platforms that autonomously keep your database full of clean, reliable information by continuously cleansing it to update changes and remove inaccurate data. They maintain the integrity of your data in real-time! A dream come true.

5. Duplicate entries

Dealing with dupes is a big, big data quality issue. Having duplicate entries ends up distracting and cluttering your database and diluting your results. 

But who has time to manually go through the CRM and delete duplicate entries? You don’t even have time to do this with your personal iPhone contacts. Right? 

Solution: Once again, Revenue Acceleration tools to the rescue. Do we sound like a broken record? Using the AI we mentioned before, these tools can recognize duplicate CRM entries and get rid of them, with no effort from anyone on the sales team required.

6. Stale entries

Having stale entries in your CRM will also clutter your database and affect your ability to analyze and use the data correctly. But man, it’s hard to ask someone to spend hours skimming through the CRM and cross-referencing which entries are no longer relevant to the company. No one has time for that! 

Solution: Revenue Acclera…you know where we’re going with this. The automation and cleansing capabilities we’ve just talked about are how revenue acceleration tools can also clean up the stale entries in your CRM. 

Don’t they sound magical?

You need accurate data, and this is how you get it

The writing is on the wall. You need help to maintain an accurate record of customer data in the CRM without the burden of manual entry or maintenance, so you can focus on building relationships and winning new business.

The automation and cleansing capabilities of Revenue Acceleration tools like Introhive rely on AI tech and machine learning to scrape all of your client data from readily accessible sources, accurately capturing and automatically entering it all into the CRM—then continuously keeping it clean and up-to-date.

(And we haven’t even touched on how these tools can later use your now-accurate data to reveal very valuable customer insights that can help guide your entire team to greater productivity and performance!)

Learn how Introhive works with your CRM to help it become its best self. When your CRM is at its best, you can do better work. 

Introhive is your partner on the revenue acceleration journey, and you’ll be amazed to see just how much it can do. One call, and you can start waving goodbye to your CRM data blues.

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