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Introhive is all about helping you grow your business relationships. Our customers use relationship intelligence to drive user adoption of CRM and increase sales and business development efficiency. Introhive leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data automation to improve team productivity, data accuracy, and completeness of information in CRM.

Both large and small businesses in the legal, professional and financial services, technology and telecommunications industries use Introhive to better understand and map relationships across colleagues, clients, and prospects — accelerating business development and marketing impact.

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Philip Grosch Partner Global Front Office Transformation Impact Centre Lead, PwC Canada
Philip Grosch
Partner Global Front Office Transformation Impact Centre Lead
PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada (PwC)

“Introhive makes the process of keeping information up to date a lot easier because a lot of those actions become automated. It’s the power of data science solving a very specific problem.”

Randy Batson, EY

Randy Batson
Executive Director

“With Introhive’s relationship intelligence automation the salesperson is able to clean up their data as they’re interacting with customers. If they identify a new contact because that was added to an email, that’s done automatically and it minimizes the amount of administration that the sales professional has to go through.”

Chris Brand, Director Practice, PwC
Chris Brand
Director Practice
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

“In a global company like ours, we have a lot of technical requirements in terms of what we are and are not allowed to do. The Introhive platform worked really well for us in terms of isolating those items. It provided a real value to us right out of the gate on day one and as a result, we have had a lot of great adoption.”

Nick Rubbo, MSc

Nick Rubbo
Senior National Director, Clients & Markets, Strategic Planning
McCarthy Tétrault

“Having everything in one place, allowing our lawyers to see who they know and how well they know them, as well as a summary of all of their client activity, is pretty powerful data that they weren’t able to see before. Our lawyers are finding it all really exciting.”

John Byrne, Chief Marketing Officer, Gould & Ratner LLP

John Byrne
Chief Marketing Officer
Gould & Ratner LLP

“Introhive is a platform that has allowed us greater access to our own information. It has unleashed the value of our information in such a way that it allows us to increase our ability to interact with our own people, our clients, other companies and prospects that we already know, let alone new ones we didn’t know were in our network. When you introduce a tool like Introhive to your firm there’s no question that it raises your game, raises your internal interest and adoption, and raises the bottom line.”

Philip Grosch Partner Global Front Office Transformation Impact Centre Lead, PwC Canada

Philip Grosch
Partner Global Front Office Transformation Impact Centre Lead
PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada (PwC)

“Introhive was very flexible in working with us as we defined the specific use cases and how we were trying to use data science to add value to our business. The net result is that Introhive has added huge value to all of our market-facing PwC professionals.”

Jon McGinley Senior Partner, CloudKettel

Jon McGinley
Senior Partner

“Introhive has been able to help a lot of our clients add more data to their CRM system, building on those relationships and really looking to see where those connections are and helping them move deals through faster.”

Randy Batson, EY

Randy Batson
Executive Director

“Introhive is able to recognize that sales people live in Outlook. Using the Introhive technology, sales people are not only able to look at who in their organization has the best relationship, but as they’re interacting with customers and updating CRM systems, they’re able to do that through a look and feel that they’re very comfortable with – and that’s Outlook.”

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Colliers International in Canada generates 40% more relationships in Microsoft Dynamics across the firms’ 500+ brokers using Introhive’s relationship intelligence and CRM automation platform

Featured Case Study

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Fenwick & West invests into relationship intelligence to substantially reduce time investment and cost associated with adding information and syncing data into Salesforce CRM and Tableau (BI) for its 350 attorneys

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