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CASL: The Changing Landscape of Marketing

CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation)

Earlier in the week Porter Airlines became the latest business to be hit with a CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) fine of $150,000. The fine was issued for failure to include unsubscribe links in some of their commercial email communications, as well as failure to provide proof of consumers providing them with consent to be emailed in the first place. They aren’t the first victim of CASL, though, as earlier in the year Compu-Finder received a $1.1 mil fine and dating website Plenty Of Fish received a $48,000 fine.

CASL took effect exactly one-year ago today, and overall the results have been mixed. Studies have shown that spam has dropped 37% from when CASL was first implemented but the same study also shows that legitimate email is also down. The Globe and Mail released an article earlier in the week taking a closer look at the impact that CASL has had on small and medium businesses who are now struggling to find new and creative ways to market their business.

These changes to the industry are putting more importance on permission-based and content marketing efforts that rely more heavily on inbound marketing strategies. These strategies match the evolution of the buying cycles of B2B customers over the past 5-10 years with the emergence of online and social, giving buyers all the research and power they need to make decisions. This has effectively flipped the sales cycles from companies solely pushing their products, to buyers now going to the companies that interest them.

Another shift this has caused in the B2B marketplace is the importance of leveraging relationships. Relationships are important, as they relate to Implied Consent within CASL. Not only are you able to message anyone that you have a business relationship with, but you can also message anyone that is connected to someone that you have a relationship with, as long as that middle person grants you consent to contact this other person. Leveraging existing relationships can also have massive advantages to your organization, too. These relationships are great sources for generating new business and accelerating your pipeline faster as a level of trust has already been established between you and your contact.

Relationship mapping is at the core of Introhive relationship data science and has been leveraged by organizations across North America for the past 3 years.

Want to learn more about Introhive’s relationship mapping capabilities and how it can be leveraged to generate new business while staying CASL compliant? Request a demo today.

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