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Automate mundane CRM tasks to boost productivity and collaboration

Introhive Automate™ eliminates administrative CRM busywork to help save employees time, boost productivity and drive greater adoption of CRM.

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Activity Sync to CRM

Introhive Activity Sync automates hours of manual data entry a week for sales and business development professionals. Quickly map meeting notes, tasks, calls and emails into CRM from email.

- Automate administrative data entry in CRM
- Create a 360-degree view of relationship trends in CRM
- Enable Telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) integration to automatically log activities in CRM

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Contact Sync to CRM

Most contacts never make it from email to CRM. Introhive Contact Sync instantly creates new contact records and updates existing contact information in CRM — right from your email.

- Proactively identify missing contacts in CRM from email
- Enrich contact data to accelerate relationship mapping
- Increase actionable data to drive decision making
- Enhance data quality for customer success, marketing and business development teams

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Post-Meeting Note Capture for CRM

Eliminate unproductive time spent manually entering information in CRM after meetings. Simply reply to your Introhive post meeting email with meeting notes, activities, task assignments and more to sync information directly into CRM without ever having to login.

- Update meeting notes from email
- Log activities faster (email, call, face-to-face)
- Assign follow up tasks
- Use voice-to-text to dictation on mobile

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Hear what our customers are saying.

Neven Bradasevic Head Shot

Neven Bradasevic

CRM Manager, Canada

Colliers International

“Introhive’s automation capabilities alone have saved over 78,000 hours of admin time across our 300 active advisors this year. Without Introhive, advisors would have less insights into client accounts and would be required to manage more manual processes, which would further hurting our adoption of CRM.”

Jon Metcalf

Director of Marketing Technology

Fenwick & West LLP

“Any firm that wants to invest in CRM has to leverage automation tools to get the best return on investment and highest level of success. Not having a tool like Introhive to solve this problem was a non-starter for us."

Chris Brand, Director Practice, PwC

Chris Brand

Partner, Digital Services Leader


“In a global company like ours, we have a lot of technical requirements in terms of what we are and are not allowed to do. The Introhive platform worked really well for us in terms of isolating those items. It provided a real value to us right out of the gate, on day one. As a result, we have had a lot of great adoption.”

Colleen Moorehead

Chief Client Officer

“Technology like Introhive enables our firm to focus on the future and collaborate with clients to explore creative ways to break new ground, advance our service offerings, and deliver more value to our clients.”


Daryl Atkinson

Director of Business Development & Marketing

Howard Kennedy

“With Introhive, data and information collection happens passively in the background and our lawyers can focus their time on revenue generating activities, not data entry."

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