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Map more business relationships, grow revenue faster

Introhive Insights™ helps management, sales, marketing, and customer success teams create a relationship map across existing business contacts, natively in CRM to accelerate new business development, cross selling and upselling revenue.

Introhive relationship mapping and relationship intelligence

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Pre-Meeting Email Digests

Save employees an average of 7.2 hours per week with custom email reports sent right to email inboxes before every client or prospect appointment.

- Reports include: recent company news, meeting attendee profiles, recent meeting notes, historical emails and appointments, CRM data, relationship insights and more.
- Map data from any business system with API integrations
- Receive reports before meetings, in weekly summaries, or on-demand

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Relationship Mapping & Intelligence

Cross-sell and upsell with ease when you visualize who knows who across your business network. Enrich CRM data on-demand, and see it all right inside your email, via the Introhive web app or portal, or in your own CRM.

- Map and discover more relationships natively in CRM
- Score and track relationship trends in both desktop and mobile
- Collaborate with colleagues natively in CRM
- Enrich account and contact information with AI insights

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Intelligence Panel

View and sync key account and contact intelligence—right from your email inbox. No separate login or workflow interruption required. Immediately see company news, who knows who intelligence, relationship strength trends, contact, account and activity information and more.

- Save time by syncing CRM updates directly from the Intelligence Panel
- View relationship intelligence when composing emails
- Enrich account and contact information directly from email

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Hear what our customers are saying.

Mike Hoody

Partner, Salesforce Technology, Media & Communications Leader at PwC

“At PwC, we saw immediate value and return on investment with Introhive. On day one, our professionals had an automated way to sync information into CRM and Introhive’s Pre-Meeting Digests provided insightful client intelligence before meetings to help guide more meaningful, productive and profitable discussions.”

adelle erdman_head shot

Adelle Erdman

Executive Director of Marketing at Frazier & Deeter

“With Introhive, the process of identifying who knows who at key accounts is automatic. That’s a big win for our firm because we are reaching clients and prospects that we have missed out on for all these years, while simultaneously reducing workload for the partners, as well as marketing.“

Harshal Dalal

Director, Client & Marketing Operations at Osler

“Introhive insights are delivered to our attorneys and partners via Pre-Meeting Digests before every client interaction. It allows us to be proactive - almost predictive - in the way we service clients.”

John Byrne, Chief Marketing Officer, Gould & Ratner LLP

John Byrne

Chief Marketing Officer at Gould + Ratner

“When you introduce a tool like Introhive to your firm there’s no question that it raises your game, raises your internal interest and adoption of CRM, and raises the bottom line.”

Nick Rubbo - Senior National Director, Clients & Markets, Strategic Planning

Nick Rubbo

Senior National Director, Clients & Markets, Strategic Planning at McCarthy Tetrault

“Having everything in one place, allowing our lawyers to see who they know and how well they know them, as well as a summary of all of their client activity, is pretty powerful data that they weren’t able to see before.”

Our Trusted Customers

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