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Adapt your sales…or else

Sam Reiner is a new intern here at Introhive.

Since starting at Introhive a few weeks ago, I have been learning all about this company and what we do here. Needless to say, it has been very interesting learning about all sorts of things, but today I would like to talk specifically about sales.

What I’ve learned so far is that when it comes to sales, it is important to always adapt your sales. Current industry trends dictate both the current business climate and the people we’re selling to, and it’s essential to keep up with shifts in these trends. 

Everything changes depending on the demands of the market and the consumer. With the amount of technology available to everyone seemingly doubling every week, it’s imperative that sales leaders are always thinking ahead to ensure their sales teams continue hitting their goals and driving their companies forward. 

On June 10th, I was lucky enough to listen to Tiffani Bova, Chief Global Growth & Innovation Evangelist, speak on how important it is to adapt your sales. In a webinar hosted by Modern Sales Pros, she looked at how sales is changing and how salespeople can change with it.

Tiffani’s talk on how to adapt to the ever-changing sales landscape is an hour-long, and trust me: it’s worth listening to. 

Adapt your sales or else

What makes the presentation so engaging is that Tiffani pulls no punches and right away she lets us know that if a company does not adapt the way the product is sold then they will, in her words, “die.” 

The statistics she presents do very well to support this statement, such as how “49% of sales leaders are measured by a single revenue goal that makes NO distinction between retention and growth.” 

I found it particularly interesting when she said that customers will never say that today is the day they move from step 2 to 3, but rather that it’s all on the company to get them to that point. That’s just one nugget of insight she offers. I encourage you to watch the presentation and trust me when I say that everything she says is important and worth listening to. However, what should people be taking away from this after the end?

What’s the takeaway?

There are many different things people could take away from this presentation. Personally, I had three major takeaways. 

  1. Focus on your current customers as opposed to focusing on finding new ones. A perfect analogy to help explain what this means likens the customer to someone striking gold during the gold rush. People didn’t move on to another location until they thought they found all the gold in the current spot. Same goes for the customer in the sense that companies should focus on the current ones until they can provide all they can, and only then move on to new ones. 
  2. A deal can go backward as well as forwards. This is a much easier takeaway to understand, but it’s still very important to hammer in. It seems obvious, but it can happen before you realize it, so it’s important to be reminded of it. 
  3. Always play the long game when it comes to sales. Results almost never happen instantly, and you may need to wait anywhere from a quarter to over a year. It is important to be patient and remember that sales will take time.

It’s all about managing relationships

What really struck me about these takeaways is how Introhive’s platform can help with all of them by keeping track of all kinds of relationships that you make every day. The automated system it provides makes sure that your contacts get managed in an accurate, orderly, and timely manner. The better your relationship is with someone, the better you will be able to actually use the key takeaways to your advantage and adapt your sales.

I encourage you again to watch the recording of the webinar, and if you’re interested in growing your revenue, relationships, and retention, you should also get in touch with Introhive and book a demo to see the platform in action.

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