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Deliver 70% More Contact Data to Your CRM With Introhive’s Email Signature Scraping Technology

Are you struggling with incomplete contact data in your CRM? Email signature scraping technology, like the one provided by Introhive, can be your game-changer. In this post, we’ll explore how Introhive’s email signature scraping tool can deliver 70% more contact data to your CRM, increase lead velocity and quality, and ultimately boost your sales.

  1. What Is Email Signature Scraping?
  2. How Does Introhive’s Signature Scraping Feature Add Value?
  3. How Does Introhive’s Signature Scraper Work?
  4. Introhive Keeps Your Data Private
  5. Take Your Data to the Next Level

Sales are always looking for a way to increase lead velocity and quality. But, in order to fill your CRM and sales pipeline with quality contacts, you need complete contact information for the people you’re selling to. In some cases, the contact you are speaking with is an influencer in the buyer journey, but not the decision maker.

Other times, you are talking with one of many decision-makers that make up a committee. How do you effectively go about finding all these new contacts?

One way to accomplish this is to leverage data enrichment services to help fill in the blanks. While Introhive has always had a data enrichment service that has been reported as high as 91% accurate, we are adding new, industry-proven technology in the form of a server-side signature scraper to help sales and business development teams identify more contacts from email systems like Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace.

You might be asking yourself, “what is email signature scraping and how does email signature scraping work?” Don’t worry, we have you covered.

What Is Email Signature Scraping?

To put it in the simplest terms, email signature scraping is the process of extracting data from email signatures and mapping that data to your CRM of record. With around 72% of contact data living in email systems alone, it can be a great tool for filling in gaps where information may be missing or incomplete in your CRM.

When it comes to CRM, email signature scraping can help you get more contacts and fill in the details about current contacts that may be missing. For example, say you have a potential customer’s email address but nothing else. How valuable is that contact? You need to fill in more details about that person in order to truly consider them a lead or contact, and email signature scraping tools can help fill in those missing pieces automatically, using an email signature to find names, phone numbers, job titles, and more.

How Does Introhive’s Signature Scraping Feature Add Value?

The email signature scraping tool is a piece of our larger data enrichment services offering. It works within our data platform to collect contact information for users without an email signature and create a contact record. Introhive is proven to:

  • Provide 70% more data
  • Give you 90%+ consistent data accuracy
  • Create a contact record from information that isn’t readily available
  • Decrease the number CRM issued tickets to administrators

Each of these benefits decreases the manual time spent on your CRM. The decrease in issue tickets alone allows you to spend more time focusing on your work rather than manually solving problems and entering data.

How Does Introhive’s Signature Scraper Work?

Our email signature scraping tool is an extension of our CRM automation and relationship intelligence platform. It builds on our already powerful data mining capabilities and makes our tools even more robust.

We heard from customers that there were holes in acquiring data from emails. One struggle is that only 30% of people use email signatures. Consider that number for a moment. Only one in three people have valuable contact information readily available, which means you’re left tracking down that data for the majority of leads.

Introhive’s patented relationship intelligence technology pulls valuable data from those who don’t have an email signature to go beyond traditional and legacy signature scrapers. Instead of manually searching for the details to fill out your CRM, our email signature scraping feature does it for you.

Introhive Keeps Your Data Private

Security is a key priority for Introhive. Scraping with tools that lack security measures can leave data susceptible to hackers. Data breaches are devastating in any industry, but especially in those with sensitive client information, such as legal and financial services. Add in the General Data Protection Regulation, and data protection is even more important.

Take Your Data to the Next Level

Do you feel like there are holes in your CRM data? Introhive’s Email Signature Scraper and Data Enrichment Services can help fill in the contact information that is missing. With our tools, your data will be more accurate and comprehensive, and you’ll have fewer data quality issues to overcome.

Learn more about Introhive’s innovative suite of relationship intelligence tools by requesting a demo.

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