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Introhive and Salesforce Pardot – a Compelling and Complementary Partnership

Introhive and Salesforce Pardot take your ABM Marketing to the next level – together

Consulting, accounting, and legal firms need to deliver outcomes-based services to their clients swiftly while maintaining impeccable levels of quality, transparency, and accountability.

They also have to contend with a fluid and evolving competitive landscape: Asset light, digital-first contenders with alternative business models are snapping at their heels. 

These upstarts – many of which have the backing of private equity – are courting clients with differentiated, targeted, and highly specialized offerings. Meanwhile, consulting firms are making bold moves into the accounting and legal space as part of their diversification efforts. 

New competitive threats aside, incumbent professional services firms often struggle with legacy internal processes and mindsets. Too many still cling to an antiquated “black book” mentality where partners and internal divisions operate in silos, closely guarding data and intelligence rather than documenting and sharing it with other teams. 

As a result, CRM data is incomplete, inaccurate, duplicated, or outdated which compromises its reliability and integrity. And all too often, limited succession planning means that partners take relationships with them when they move on, leaving vast knowledge gaps in their wake.

The ABM Advantage

In this climate of increased competition and limited resources, professional services marketers are prioritizing personalized and targeted account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. 

Executed well, technology-enabled ABM efforts can unite the entire firm to deliver hyper-personalized client experiences. Indeed, today, around 92% of B2B marketers have an ABM strategy. 

But only 19% are confident in their ability to execute. 

The culprit?

Bad data. 

If you hope to fully capitalize on the power of digital, automated ABM systems, you need rich and reliable sources of data that are accessible in real-time. 

This means reaching into the far corners of the organization to tap into data that’s gathered and stored by everyone from marketing and business development teams to partners.

Introhive and Pardot: Where ABM and Relationship Intelligence Intersect

Pardot, Salesforce’s renowned CRM platform, is the solution of choice for many businesses, including professional services firms, who are seeking to accelerate their ABM ambitions. 

But it gets even better. If you combine Introhive’s capabilities with those of Pardot, that’s when the ABM magic really happens!

By unifying these platforms’ capabilities, you can simplify and streamline the reciprocal exchange of ABM client data between your core business functions and stakeholders:

  • Business development teams gain a clear line of sight into the “warm” relationships that reside across the firm and can view the entire marketing campaign and outreach history for each client.
  • Marketing can assign actions to business development team members – and vice versa.
  • Both can better collaborate with partners and executives.

The AI and automation embedded in Introhive’s platform allow you to take this a step further. 

Behind the scenes, the platform automates the process of interrogating and extrapolating client relationship data that’s spread out across accounts. 

For example, with just a few clicks, you can see each and every relationship that exists between members of your firm and all the people in the client organization.

Email Analytics Unleashed

One way that Introhive achieves this is via advanced email analytics. A mail connector integrates with your firm’s mail exchange. This gives you visibility of the bi-directional collaboration occurring between your firm’s employees and their client network.

The system analyzes who’s been exchanging email messages, when they were sent, when meetings took place, and who attended them. 

What’s great about this functionality is that it allows you to hit the ground running from day one. Upon deployment, the platform can ingest as much existing and archived historical data from your firm’s mail server as you’d like.

You’re Getting Warm: Relationship Temperature Checks

Introhive and Pardot also give you a means to gauge the relative strengths of the relationships that individuals within your firm have with people in their client networks. 

Relationship strength is determined by analyzing over 20 discrete data points. This includes basic information such as the titles of every contact, when the last engagement or activity with that individual occurred, and how many employees within your firm are connected with them. 

The system then mines more granular data such as the seniority of each contact, the size and status of the organization (for example, are they a Fortune 500 company?), how reciprocal the communications are back and forth, and more.

The result is a real-time and reliable barometer of the overall client relationship strength.

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

The Introhive platform also surfaces more contextual data that highlights opportunities for appropriate and timely person-to-person outreach.

For instance, suppose you’re working in the business development team and have your sights set on targeting the CEO of one of your firm’s clients. 

Let’s call him José.

You can bring up a dashboard to see who in your firm knows José best. 

Let’s say that person is Gail, one of the senior associates. You may never have engaged with Gail before, but you can immediately reach out to her via the platform, request a quick meeting to find out how she knows José, the length and nature of the relationship, and any other valuable nuggets of information she can share about him.

You might even ask Gail to facilitate a warm introduction or send him a marketing email!

Ultimately, Introhive allows you to get a firm-wide view of your relationship strengths and break these connections down by departments and roles. 

This level of visibility comes in handy from a succession planning perspective: Suppose a senior partner in the firm is about to retire and you want to mitigate the risk of client churn. You can use the insights generated by the platform to proactively assign the next-best partner or associate to take over that relationship.

Spotlight on: Partners and Executives

Partners and executives are busy people. Preparing thoroughly for client meetings is an essential part of their role – but it often takes them hours to research, gather, and assemble the client background information they need to participate in these consultations with confidence. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way for your firm.

Introhive delivers the client intelligence partners and executives need most, straight to their inboxes. 

Our platform compiles a “pre-meeting digest” that contains a wealth of insights and data, all in one place. 

You can customize the contents of the digest to align with your firm or partner’s particular needs. 

Perhaps you just want to include high-level information (such as recent media highlights about the client and their current stock prices) or reports on the latest CRM and marketing activities (such as recent email campaigns the client was included in or events they attended.)

The digest might also include details about all the other attendees joining the upcoming meeting and links to their personal LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. It could specify who else within your firm has recently had bi-directional communications with anyone in the client organization and include information about the strength of those relationships, both present and historical.

After the meeting, partners can instantly capture and share any updates and action items via the enterprise CRM system, either manually or by using speech to text from their phones. 

Onwards and Upwards

Thanks to the compelling and complementary capabilities of Introhive and Salesforce Pardot, professional services firms can finally get their marketing and business development teams and the firm’s partners pulling in the same direction. 

Marketing and business development teams can say goodbye to endless hours searching for client contact information and other contextual data when planning their next campaign or outreach initiative. They can uncover deep relationship matrices and interdependencies. And with just a few short clicks, they can gauge individuals’ relative relationship strengths with key stakeholders within your client organizations.

Partners can prepare for constructive client meetings and capture insights and post-meeting actions immediately in a central repository. This means less time wasted on admin and more opportunity to focus on those all-important billable endeavors. 

Want to learn more about how to take your ABM marketing efforts to new heights? Why not take a listen to this webinar to hear directly from the team at Introhive and Salesforce?

Alternatively, get in touch with us here at Introhive and let’s talk.

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