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Partnerforce kickoff from our perspective: proud to be an ISV

With a new year comes a new Partnerforce kickoff. 

This year featured a jam-packed session that showed us how Salesforce and it’s partners together can accelerate growth, drive innovation, and achieve mutual business goals. And as the world picks up steam coming out of the pandemic, partnerships will be key in helping accelerate growth and maintain momentum.

When it comes to partnerships, Salesforce is one of our largest. Because of this, we were extra excited to tune in to see what’s in store for the upcoming year. Here are a few key highlights and takeaways! 

Trust and Customer Success

Salesforce founder and CEO, Marc Benioff’s main focus lies on trust, customer success, equality, and bringing a positive influence to the communities and world around us. With Salesforce always focusing on philanthropy and giving back, and as an organization who is continually recognized for its best places to work, Introhive is thrilled to be aligned with an organization that shares the same values for the greater good. 

When it comes to trust and customer success, relationships are front and center at Introhive. With a seamless Salesforce integration, users of both Introhive and Salesforce are able to trust their data to deliver the best possible experience to their customers. 

With up-to-date relationship insights of prospects, customers, and partners shown directly within Salesforce, organizations can better focus on the activities that drive revenue. Need proof? Check out this G2 review

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Full Steam Into 2022

It was no surprise that Tyler Prince, Executive Vice President, Alliances & Channels, spoke about 2022 will be about growth, resilience, and above all, bringing solutions that focus on the 360-view of the customer. With 90% of Salesforce customers relying on partners, Introhive is thrilled to be moving full steam into 2022 equipped to help organizations of all sizes find success with Salesforce. 

As a proven tool to help with Salesforce adoption and proven solution to help revenue acceleration, we are ready to help organizations using Salesforce continue to find success this year and long into the future. To see how we help organizations expand their Salesforce impact by increasing user adoption and data hygiene, get in touch with our partner team. Regardless of your organization or industry, we can share different use cases, statistics, and customer stories that provide a first-hand look at how Introhive increases Salesforce adoption, stickiness, and overall CRM effectiveness. You can get in touch with our partner team here.

More than an ISV

We are proud to be part of the Salesforce ecosystem and think of ourselves as more than an ISV. When paired together, organizations can effectively and efficiently leverage data in a strategic way that ultimately drives more revenue and increases client retention. 

When employing both Intohive and Salesforce, organizations can:

  • Increase Productivity: Eliminate 5-10 hrs of data entry for users and drive greater adoption with Salesforce through automated contact and activity sync.
  • Leverage Relationship Mapping & Intelligence: Map who knows who across your organization and push pre-meeting intelligence to sales users automatically to speed up meeting preparation for new business development, up-selling, and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Cleanse & Enrich Data: Automate the mapping of contacts from corporate communications to CRM and enrich contact records with complete, accurate, and up-to-date information natively in Salesforce.

Working together in 2022

If you can’t tell, Introhive is very excited to be heading into 2022 with Salesforce. There are clear and direct lines between our organizations, our goals, and our missions. To learn more about our partnership, and see how we’re ready to work with Salesforce in 2022, check out our dedicated Salesforce page

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