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Salesforce + Introhive: Professional Services Success

Introhive and Salesforce

Up-and-coming AI-powered platform Introhive and Salesforce, the #1 CRM are making huge strides in the business services sector.  

Introhive | Priya SFDC 1 | Salesforce + Introhive: Professional Services Success“When two technology firms complement each other so well, it’s hard not to have a fruitful relationship,” says Priya Mokha, Senior Alliance Director for Introhive, responsible for the Salesforce relationship globally. “We’ve cracked the nut when it comes to business services, which includes the vast industry where fee earners consult a multitude of clients using specific skill sets, such as legal, accounting and consulting firms.” 

Introhive and Salesforce have been partners since 2012 and share joint clients across a variety of industries. In the business services space, both companies are seeing growth, boiled down to similar business values, synergies, and the business problems they are solving. 

Vincent Perrin, Regional Vice President, Professional Services Salesforce UKI said “Salesforce is investing for growth in the UK, and our partner ecosystem is an essential driving force behind this. Our partnership with Introhive is built on trust and we’re proud to work with their talented team with a specific focus on the legal and business services industries.” 

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In today’s evolving landscape, clients expect more, so what is critical for a law firm in this digital age is to deliver to this expectation. This is where the Introhive and Salesforce partnership helps you meet and exceed these expectations. It’s all about delivering a unified client 360-view. 

Christine Robertson, Partner, Front Office Transformation, PWC said, “Intohive and Salesforce have been key to unlocking the power of the PwC network. The joint solution gives us the agility and efficiency to share client insights and intelligence with our teams working with clients across the globe. It has greatly accelerated our speed to action.”

Many firms have a perception that a CRM is a reactive record management tool that requires too much manual effort on their team’s part. With Introhive, manual effort is replaced with seamless automation, which makes adoption a breeze – in fact, since the partnership’s inception, there has been a 99% retention rate on joint clients. 

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