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09 Jul: Digital Transformation in Insurance: How to Pull Away from the Pack

Are you a leader or are you a follower? Over the past few years, insurance giants have pulled ahead in their digital transformation efforts, rolling out new features that improve the customer experience, optimize back-end efficiencies, and create a framework for ongoing innovation.

The stakes around digital transformation are high and choosing to hold may affect a company’s long-term solvency. In fact, 44 percent of insurance leaders think that, in the future, “most existing insurers will not survive, at least in their current form.”

Even if you’re lagging behind, it’s not too late for your firm to break…


02 Jul: How To Improve Firm-Wide Collaboration Using Enterprise Relationship Management Technology

As technology’s evolution accelerates, the pace of productivity speeds up and clients’ service expectations rise accordingly.

For professional services firms, an increase in clients who require cross-practice, cross-expertise and cross-border work demands an increase in collaboration, which is often at odds with the sectors traditionally relationship-protective partners and consultants.  

However, in today’s competitive environment, improved collaboration is key to profitable growth. Heidi Gardner’s in-depth look at the state of professional services collaboration makes it clear that everyone involved in deeper collaboration benefits. Firms who collaborate more effectively gain a competitive edge, resulting in increased revenues, profitability and improved client…


14 Sep: 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Business Development

Are you looking to sustain your current growth rate or maybe bounce back from a loss?

Either way, growing a business—pulling in the quality, lasting clients that take your business to the next level—takes significant strategizing. And that can be tough in today’s frequently changing business landscape.

For help energizing your business development strategy, and making sure it’ll stand the test of time, check out these five trends.

1. Up Your Social Engagement

Today’s buyer spends an average person of 116 minutes on social media every day. That’s nearly a whole month out of the year tweeting and liking.