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05 Jun: McCarthy Tétrault Drives Superior Client Service and Improves Collaboration Through Innovation

Technology is an essential tool. But whether it’s helping us email a client, book an appointment, or record account details, technology is only helpful as long as it’s used and valued.

This is the premise that McCarthy Tétrault, a leading Canadian law firm, uses when approaching their own innovation strategies. The end result is technological innovation that drives cultural and digital transformation and provides their lawyers with solutions that help them better service their clients, improve team collaboration, and understand their relationships.

For greater insight into how McCarthy Tétrault is driving innovation at their firm, we recently spoke with Nick…


17 Feb: 8 Traits of a Strong Law Firm Industry Practice Group Leader

The most efficient and effective way to become the go-to law firm for a specific industry is through industry practice groups, according to John Remsen, Jr., President and CEO of The Remsen Group. But their success, he says, depends on strong leadership.

How does he know this? Through decades of helping law firms develop and implement long-term strategic marketing and business development objectives.

“I can give you many, many examples where firms set up groups where one really thrives. They’re out doing things, there’s energy, and over time it starts to roll,” he says. “And then there’s another group. They can’t…