Team Alignment


24 Mar: How to adjust to working remotely so you remain productive

For many professionals in office settings, the day is relatively structured. You commute to work, either walking, by public transit, or in your car, and you might grab a coffee on the way. Once you’re there, you have your “good morning!” round before settling into your workspace and firing up your computer. Perhaps your team has a standing meeting at 9:15 every day, or the office generally breaks and gathers near the coffee pot to catch one another up on projects.

At some point in the day, you take your lunch, and – when the day ends, you turn off…

08 Jan: How To Create an Open and Collaborative Workplace

The Internet has a forced a massive shift in the way we work. Once upon a time, all we had was a telephone and a conference room to connect with clients and colleagues around a project. Today, the Internet gives us the power to connect and collaborate using a variety of tools instantly. Video conferencing with Zoom or GoToMeeting, social media, online meetings in Slack, and document sharing tools have opened up spaces and given birth to truly collaborative work.

With all the good that comes with online collaborative tools, challenges still remain. Employees are engaging less in a face-to-face…