How Introhive empowers business development, management and marketing teams.

Business Development

Business development teams that have visibility into the “corporate rolodex,” along with enhanced data regarding contacts and accounts can significantly boost productivity.

With Introhive, your business development team can easily identify and pursue your firm’s most probable opportunities. You’d be surprised how many viable opportunities go unnoticed. In analyzing the Introhive database, we found that only 42% of individuals’ contact relationships exist as connections on LinkedIn.

The remaining contacts reside in email and mobile sources. Introhive brings these hidden relationships to the forefront and fortifies them with relevant data.


Introhive gives executives, board members and managers access to predictive relationship analytics that empower smarter decisions sooner.

Whether it’s identifying the executive sponsorship opportunities that facilitate new business, or identifying at-risk clients while there’s still time to salvage the relationship, Introhive delivers the relationship intelligence that gives firms greater control over revenue streams.


Clients and prospective customers demand a cohesive, contextual experience every time they interact with your firm. To deliver on these expectations, marketers need access to timely, accurate data.

By automating data capture as it relates to contacts and accounts, Introhive gives marketing teams the intelligence needed to delight prospects and clients alike. The increase in data capture allows for enhanced lead scoring and segmentation that incorporates relationship scoring triggers, ensuring important leads don’t go stale.