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Optimize remote workforce efficiency with AI-powered insights

With Productivity Intelligence™, custom-built AI models leverage your company’s historical data to quickly navigate future opportunities and accelerate sales cycles, arming your team with data-driven strategy and liberating their ability to deliver.

Productivity Intelligence

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Time Coach

It’s never been more critical to operationalize activity intelligence. With insight into the volume of activities and time invested engaging with prospects and clients, sales managers can easily:

- Identify gaps in team activities to refine sales process
- Analyze the performance of top sellers to coach best practices
- Create leaderboards to improve accountability and productivity
- Measure and leverage activity levels to inform goal setting

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Activity Analytics

Deal Coach

Arm your sales teams with next best actions to expedite deal velocity and improve the likelihood of success. Ensure your team is working smarter by maintaining focus and accomplishing more, with less effort.

- Enable sales people with a clear path to navigate complex sales
- Shorten the sales cycles and increase win rates with AI-guided next best action
- Decrease ramp time by equipping every seller with AI-identified next steps on deals

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Predictive Deal Scoring

Equip your sellers with AI-backed predictions surrounding the likelihood that an opportunity will be won and increase the accuracy of deal forecasting.

- Build context on open opportunities for targeted coaching
- Monitor the impact of activities on deal probability
- Eliminate reliance on gut feel and risk of false optimism

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Nick Rubbo - Senior National Director, Clients & Markets, Strategic Planning Ben Charter_Howard Kennedy_head shot_420x375


Hear what our customers are saying.

Nick Rubbo - Senior National Director, Clients & Markets, Strategic Planning

Nick Rubbo

Senior National Director, Clients & Markets, Strategic Planning

McCarthy Tetrault

“Having everything in one place, allowing our lawyers to see who they know and how well they know them, as well as a summary of all of their client activity, is pretty powerful data that they weren’t able to see before.”

David Thomas

Senior CRM Executive

Bird & Bird

“The product speaks for itself. Introhive is an Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) solution on steroids! What I will add is the organization is a gold standard for service and support.”

Ben Charter_Howard Kennedy_head shot_420x375

Ben Charter

CRM Business Analyst

Howard Kennedy

“Introhive is the fastest, simplest way to get clean and accurate data into CRM from Outlook and other business systems. The simplicity of Introhive has enabled us to grow our database at an astonishing rate while truly understanding the firm’s relationship capital.”

Christine Robertson

Partner, Sales & Marketing


“Introhive is a quick and easy way to share client insights and intelligence with extremely busy professionals. From mapping who knows who across our firm, to automating mundane data entry for our professionals, Introhive has accelerated our speed to action.”

Janet Kyle Altman

Marketing Principal

Kaufman Rossin

”The sales process for professional services relies on relationships. Marketing can build awareness, educate prospects, and nurture leads. But knowing who knows who through an easy, automated tool like Introhive can take us to the finish line faster and more effectively.”

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