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How little oopsies add up to missed opportunities, and how to stop them

You know the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work?”

There’s a flipside to this, because when the team’s not all working together, it can make work a nightmare. If you’re part of a team, your work impacts how others do their work. 

Sometimes, the nightmare isn’t your fault. Sometimes it’s baked into how your company operates.

Large businesses run the risk of creating a nightmare of siloed information and processes due to each department only considering their own needs and functions. Thankfully, most teams are lucky enough to have directors and managers of operations to connect the dots between teams and keep the machine running smoothly. 

Take a step further 

What happens when we have human days? Not feeling good, kind of grumpy, excited for what’s happening after work, or maybe it’s just an average day! 

No matter the reason, when we humans perform mundane tasks between thought provoking and actionable duties, we run the risk of error. 

Sometimes, we are the nightmare.

Oopsie Daisy! 

At face value, it’s not a big deal. “Oopsie, I missed logging those meeting notes” or “As long as we have the key players on the account, right?”

Each little oopsie might not be a big deal, but collectively they become one. Each one contributes to missed opportunities, because all together those little pockets of missed data could lead to retaining an at-risk client relationship, or enable more strategy-driven discussions and less playing catch up. 

When steps get missed in processes, information slips through the cracks. What makes us human is that we’re not perfect. We are creative, though…and we consider aspects beyond data. 

Data only shows us what has happened; we use our human power to analyze it to uncover the why, and figure out what it means. 

New call-to-action

How to get your own sturdy database

Explore your options! Look at your techstack, look across all team processes, and consider what’s missing. You might find that there are too many tools that require user adoption. Maybe there’s out of sync moving pieces or work is getting duplicated, thus becoming complicated. The challenge is to consider what’s missing. Often it’s right under our nose but we can’t see it. 

Tools like Introhive help industry leaders build a sturdy base to build and retain relationships. Silos aren’t helping anyone. More time paired with transparency is a heavenly combination. It creates a healthy environment and a sturdy base for teamwork, to make the dream work.

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