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Top 5 ways to keep CRM data accurate and trust your data integrity

If your CRM is full of garbage—incomplete records, missing entries, out-of-date information, and data that’s just plain wrong—what’s the point? What are you supposed to do with that junk?

You really need to fix it.

What is data accuracy and why is it important?

Data accuracy means that the information in your CRM is correct. Always. It means that you can trust that the information is true, up-to-date, and complete. There are two parts to data accuracy: getting error-free data entered into the CRM, and keeping it pristine over time.

Data accuracy is important because it opens the door to revealing insights through relationship intelligence that can transform your business.

Clean data is a game-changer

Working with accurate CRM data is a game-changer for any salesperson. Data integrity helps everyone on the sales team do their jobs better, and helps to build strong, long-lasting customer relationships. 

And isn’t that the ultimate goal of sales? After all: people buy from people, so relationships are everything. 

A single source of truth in your CRM also helps the entire company stay on the same page by identifying who knows who, creating beautiful organizational synergy.

So… what’s the problem?

You need to trust your data integrity

It’s not just you. Everyone’s CRM is full of useless, outdated data. Well, maybe not everyone’s, but most are. And it’s a huge pain in the you-know-what to salespeople who are just trying to do their best work.

We hear it all the time. Pretty much everyone complains about cleaning up and maintaining accurate data, and studies back this up: getting CRM data accurate and keeping it that way is a top reported issue for CRM users. 

A whole day wasted every week

A huge pain point is the six or more hours per week people have to spend on manual data entry. Yes—you read that right. Six hours.

That’s pretty much an entire workday spent each and every week on boring busywork. And while this specific kind of busywork is supposed to be solving their CRM problems, because of inevitable human error and data decay, it most definitely isn’t.

What a waste of time. And money.

Top 5 ways to keep CRM data accurate

Get ready to fall in love with your CRM again. We’ve identified the top 5 things you can do to keep your CRM accurate at all times—no muss, no fuss. And definitely no manual data entry. (We can hear your sighs of relief!)

  1. Don’t rely on humans
  2. Accept that data decay is real
  3. Embrace Revenue Acceleration tools for data entry
  4. Cleanse your dirty data using automation
  5. Let AI make your CRM reliable

Data integrity, here we come.

1. Don’t rely on humans

This one is big. Humans make errors, and even if salespeople are putting in the time to try and keep their CRM client data accurate (bless them), the truth is mistakes will be made. The CRM will never be reliable if it’s running solely on human data entry.

Plus, it’s just unrealistic to ask salespeople to spend six or more hours per week on mundane manual tasks like data entry. They struggle with competing job priorities, and feel like data entry really isn’t going anywhere. Which it isn’t. 

So why bother? Let them do the job they were hired to do. Sell.

2. Accept that data decay is real—and a real problem

By now you may have read about a famous study on B2B data decay that exposes the truth about dirty data. It reports that “B2B data decays at a rate of just over 5% per month, or 70.3% per year.” 

Because of normal professional and personal events—like changing roles, names, companies, or going on maternity leave—information becomes out of date. That’s just life. And it happens a lot faster than you think.

Working with inaccurate data is just as bad as working with no data at all, if not worse. It impacts the strength of your sales activities and the reliability of your dashboards or reporting. Sales strategy needs to be backed by clean and reliable data; dirty data leads to bad decisions that cost you in more ways than one. 

If you rely on people to maintain your database, it will decay. No one has the time to manually make all those changes, every single day.

What if we told you that fighting data decay and restoring CRM trust was as easy as the flip of a switch?

3.  Embrace Revenue Acceleration tools for data entry

There are tools out there that have been developed to help your CRM do its job. They’re ready and waiting, and they’re called Revenue Acceleration tools. The solution to your CRM woes.

The automation capabilities of these kinds of solutions mean that, through AI tech and machine learning, all of your client data can be accurately captured and automatically entered into the CRM. 

Without anyone lifting a finger.

No more spending up to an entire day every week on mundane data entry—that’s a day for every user—which means all your salespeople can spend that precious time doing what they do best: selling.

4. Cleanse your dirty data using automation technology

Using Revenue Acceleration tools, you can clean up the dirty data that’s been plaguing your CRM pretty much with the click of a button. 

The automated cleansing capabilities of these kinds of solutions use their clever artificial intelligence (AI) tech and machine learning algorithms to collect all of your client data from readily accessible sources, accurately capturing and cleansing your CRM data. 

Whenever anybody changes a job, gets a promotion, moves companies, or alters their information in any way, your data gets updated as soon as it happens and you’re in the know.

Just like that.

5. Let AI make your CRM reliable for the long haul

Get excited about your CRM, because you’re about to fall in love all over again.

Using a Revenue Acceleration platform’s AI tools, information for your CRM  is pulled directly from the source—names, roles, email addresses, and phone numbers, of course. All the important client details you’d expect to have, but entered without human error. In other words, data you can trust.

Automation doesn’t just eliminate all the extra work involved with populating the CRM database, data entry automation creates a CRM you can trust with the push of a button. And rely on in the future.

Data integrity is the foundation for Revenue Acceleration

Data integrity lays the foundation for what we call organizational Revenue Acceleration: the stage in a business when every part of your sales operations team—every department, every colleague, every process—works together in a strategic and synchronized way to achieve maximum results. And revenue acceleration tools were designed to help you get to this stage.

But wait, there’s more!

Aside from kissing the manual busywork goodbye, the tools help sales teams discover new revenue opportunities in your CRM by revealing hidden customer insights. That’s right, not only do they cleanse and automate your data, they analyze it, too. Get ready to increase sales and boost your pipeline with CRM data guidance. 

Told you you’d fall in love all over again! 

To learn more, read Grow Revenue, Relationships, and Retention—Your Guide to the Revenue Acceleration Journey

To see how Introhive’s Revenue Acceleration tools can directly help chase away your organization’s data blues, book a demo with Introhive today.

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