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GroPro 20/20 Virtual Summit Panel: Improving Collaboration, Service Delivery and Client Engagement

June 15: Join us for our virtual panel at GroPro 20/20!

In today’s competitive world, keeping clients happy is part of EVERYONE’s Job in an organization! Ensuring your whole business is focused on the client can be difficult. Customer expectations are continually rising in terms of the volume and range of their questions, dealing with this puts a strain on existing organizational models – particularly those that are structured by department leading to potential silos and even rivalry between different teams. Clients don’t care about this, they see a business as a single entity and just want their problems solved and questions answered no matter who they are speaking with. All of this means that there needs to be greater collaboration across the organization. In this session we will:

  • Understand how you can break down silos between different departments and make it easy for staff to work together
  • Determine ways you can garner buy-in from all stakeholders in your organization to work together
  • Utilize systems and technologies to prevent client service black holes
  • Develop more efficient and cost-effective service delivery that also creates an engaging client experience
  • Improve performance by sharing customer insights
  • Update knowledge databases and ensure they are accessible to everyone
  • Empower your teams

Brian Colucci| Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer | Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Kate Stoddard | Chief Marketing Officer | Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Joe Przybyla | Director | Introhive

Time: 11:15 AM EST / 4:15 PM BST

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