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The #1 alternative: Built for and trusted by the Enterprise.

Discover how Introhive can transform your CRM from a system of record, to a system of Intelligence through best in class AI powered Automation, Data Enrichment, and Sales Insights.

Introhive understands that data is the foundation that your business is built upon.

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Feature Comparison
Activity Intelligence
It is included
It is included
Activity and Contact Opportunity Matching
It is included
It is included
Delivers Customer Intelligence Pre-Meeting
It is included
It is included
Data Enrichment & Quality Management
It is not included Does not provide a data quality management application to merge, archive and update contact records in CRM.
It is included AI powered enrichment leveraging public, first party, 3rd party paid leading to 90%+ Data Accuracy.
CRM Sync: Contacts & Activities
It is not included Does not provide the same degree of granular control over how and what is synced to CRM. Relies solely on a fully automated method of data entry.
It is included Incorporates granular rules based control over data entered into the system in addition to the option for manual intervention.
Dynamic Relationship Maps
It is not included Offers “Smart Maps” that capture and display engaged stakeholders, relying on the user to manually draw lines of influence between contacts.
It is included Introhive automatically maps who knows who across your organization, surfacing top connections and relationship insights throughout your workflow and everyday systems.
Enterprise Grade Security and Privacy
It is not included Runs natural language processing over email bodies to identify and redact content which may contain sensitive data.
It is included Does not require access to the content of email bodies.
CRM Integrations
It is not included Native Salesforce integration
It is included Compatible with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Deltek, and more.
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“Set and forget relationship management and data capture”
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“A marketing technology tool that does more than deliver on its promises”
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“Introhive enables us to Invest in Relationships to Make a Difference”
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“Relationship Intelligence at your fingertips”
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“Best Sales Intelligence/AI Solution in the market”
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“Instant ROI”

Trusted by over 200,000 users in over 90 countries

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We’re running out of room to showcase all of our awards

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Award Winning Software

We’re a leader in Data Quality and Sales Intelligence Software, but don’t just take our word for it. Customers love us too.

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Martech award 2021
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Experience The Introhive Advantage

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Smarter Automation

3X Your CRM database with quality contacts and activities

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Relationship Intelligence

Automatically map your entire organizations relationship capital to accelerate warm introductions and unlock cross sell and upsell opportunities

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Best-In-Class Data

Say goodbye to stale contact data with Introhive’s proprietary Data Enrichment Services

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AI Powered Sales Productivity

Supercharge your sales team by arming them with sales intelligence, next best actions and customer intelligence

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