2 New Reports for Introhive + Salesforce Users

One of the great things about using Introhive for Salesforce is the additional reporting available by combining your Salesforce data with Introhive data. Here are 2 reports that give you even more actionable insight.

Introhive Value Report – Won Deals

This report makes it easy to see the influence Introhive has had directly on the bottom line. Deals won are displayed in 2 categories–those with Introhive introductions and those without.

The report automatically averages deal size and age so sales leadership can easily visualize how Introhive is influencing the time to close a deal and the size of deals as well.

It also shows you a way to see all the deals that came from successful introductions.

Introhive Usage Report

Of course administrators have usage reports available in the web app and administration tools, but this administration report is the easiest way to get a snapshot of how users are taking advantage of Introhive inside Salesforce. It shows administrators the number of introduction requests made, accepted, and rejected between colleagues, broken down on a per user basis.

We’d love to show you how Introhive can help you plan, sell, and retain customes. Request a demo, and we’ll set something up.