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Fix your CRM data quality with AI powered data enrichment

Introhive Cleanse™ uses AI-powered data enrichment to automate data cleanup process to save administrative time and costs, while ensuring sales, business development and marketing always have the most accurate and relevant data to drive business growth.

Introhive data cleanse and data enrichment

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Spot sales and marketing database inconsistencies—then update it all at once, with just a few keystrokes to keep data in CRM clean and accurate.

- Simplify merger and acquisition data mapping
- Grow and create clean marketing lists faster
- De-risk CRM implementation projects
- Increase user adoption and engagement

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Signature Scraper

Securely map contact data from email signatures to your CRM tool. Automate mundane data entry process and get some time back in your day.

- Discover new, missing or incomplete data in email for CRM
- Increase data accuracy by 30%+ from email signatures
- Keep sensitive emails secure, behind your firewall

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Signature Scraper

Data Enrichment Services

Proprietary artificial intelligence mapping reinforces your sales and marketing database with additional data sources, including subscription services, social media profiles, internet data and more to enrich key account data.

- Provide 70% more data than traditional signature scraping
- Enrich CRM data with complete, accurate and up-to date information
- Decrease the number CRM issued tickets to administrators

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Philip Grosch Partner Global Front Office Transformation Impact Centre Lead, PwC Canada daryl-atkinson Maxie Hernandez Kaufman Rossin


Hear what our customers are saying.

Philip Grosch Partner Global Front Office Transformation Impact Centre Lead, PwC Canada

Philip Grosch

Partner, Digital Services Leader


“Introhive makes the process of keeping information in CRM up-to-date a lot easier, because mundane tasks and manual data entry become automated for users and professionals. The net result for our global deployment is that Introhive has added huge value to all of our market-facing PwC professionals.”


Daryl Atkinson

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Howard Kennedy

“Introhive is the fastest, simplest way to get clean and accurate data into CRM from Outlook and other business systems. When we started, we had a contact database of 9,000 people that lived across disparate tools and spreadsheets, and we knew almost nothing about them. Now, with Introhive, we have 45,000 contacts and a roadmap to sync another 15,000 directly into CRM."

Maxie Hernandez Kaufman Rossin

Maxie Hernandez

Marketing Automation Lead

Kaufman Rossin

“You can do it the Introhive way—where data capture is automated and users can easily sync contact information and activity—or you can hire assistants to enter that data manually. We chose the automated way. We didn’t see the value in hiring a million people to simply do data entry.”

Harshal Dalal

Director, Client & Marketing Operations


“With Introhive, it is automatic. Information is gathered passively in the background, so that insights and intelligence are mapped directly into our CRM, requiring little to no additional effort from to our practitioners.”

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